There are moments in which we crave quite to clear our minds and breathe. More often than not, it’s during our most jam-packed days that we wish to find these moments and seek daily practices that will provide us with a sense of lightness.

No matter how many tasks are on your to-do list, find simple ways to spark happiness. Whether that’s dancing around your house, meditating or lounging on your couch after a long day. Simply turn on your diffuser and let your worries fade away. 

This isn’t hard to do with the help of Saje Wellness’ new ‘happy place inspiring diffuser blend’ made in collaboration with Jillian Harris. The moment this blend rises through your diffuser, you’ll feel a ray of sunshine surge through you thanks to its citrusy aroma that has notes of grapefruit and rose geranium.

Here’s a few other ways to bring a sense of lightness into your space in addition to using Saje’s new blend:

  • If you work at a co-working space or office, ask your coworkers if its OK to bring your diffuser in. They’ll thank you later.
  • When friends are coming over for dinner, place your diffuser near your front entrance. If you’re diffusing the happy place blend, they’ll be encouraged to leave their worries at the door.
  • Have your diffuser running on cleaning days to ensure pure air is filtering through your home.
Melaina Gasbarrino

Melaina Gasbarrino

Melaina Gasbarrino, is a certified reiki practitioner and yoga teacher. In 2017 she founded SALT to TREE, a wellness and conservation company that integrates the practices of movement and healing to live WITH the Earth. With her innate connection to the Earth, she always knew she was called to heal. Her experiences include teaching in Niagara, Toronto, New York, The Hamptons, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Muskoka, and Mexico.

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