Be Happy with Saje’s Newest Diffuser Blend

Be happy, present and calm.

There are moments in our lives where we crave quite to clear our minds and just breathe. It’s in our jam-packed days we wish to find these moments more often than not, and seek out ways to introduce daily habits that provide us with a sense of lightness.

No matter how many tasks are on your to-do list, find simple ways to bring in happiness. Whether that’s dancing around your house, meditating or lounging on your couch after a long day turn on your diffuser and let your worries fade away. 

With Saje Wellness’ new ‘happy place inspiring diffuser blend’, crafted with the lovely Jillian Harris, the moment this blend rises through the diffuser, you’ll feel a sense of happiness surge through you. 

The lovely thing about any diffuser, especially Saje’s Aroma Haven Ultrasonic Diffuser, is that you don’t need to rearrange your schedule or stress about fitting time in to just be! You’ll feel a sense of ease the moment you turn the diffuser on. 

Here are a few ways to bring in a sense of lightness into your space:

  1. Working from home, I’m filled with happiness all day long as my diffuser is constantly running to clear the air. If you work at a co-working space or office, ask to bring one to your office. The sweet scents of grapefruit and rose geranium will rise through the office, which your co-workers will thank you for bringing this lightness into your space!
  2. When friends are coming over for a relaxing dinner, I place my diffuser at the entrance to calm their souls. As their first breaths are from the happy place blend, they leave all their worries at the door. 
  3. If you’re like me and are allergic to dust and pollen, have your diffuser running on cleaning days to ensure pure air is rising through your home.

It’s all about finding simple ways to bring in happiness, and with this new blend by Saje and Jillian Harris, we know a little bit of happiness is brought into our home everyday. 

Contributor: Melaina Gasbarrino
Melaina is the founder of
SALT to TREE a wellness company that integrates the practices of movement (yoga) and healing (reiki + sound baths) to live WITH the Earth.

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