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It’s that time of the year when many of us try to get away from the cold Canadian weather and head to someplace warm! This means bringing out that bikini again that we opted to put away in August. This can be a scary time for most of us, but don’t fret – we have an ab workout that will do the trick!

The structure of the workout consists of a warm up, 2 separate circuits with short rests in between, and then a cool down with an upper body stretch routine.

Follow us along on our journey for flat abs:

Warm up for 1-3 minutes (march on the spot, jog, jumping jacks, walk, etc.)

Circuit One

(Complete as many times as you can within 7 minutes)

15 push ups (on knees)
15 straight leg raises
15 toe taps
Plank for 30 seconds
Break: 30-90 seconds

Circuit Two

(Complete as many times as you can within 7 minutes)

15 lay down push ups (on knees)
15 straight leg sit ups
15 tricep dips
30 ab bikes (15 per side)
Break: 30-90 seconds

Repeat this routine one more time for a total of 28 minutes. Don’t forget to cool down and stretch!

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram if you try this workout, use the hashtag #bbgwithstyle so we can follow your workout success!

Contributor: Lauren Wardrope

Lauren, a 22-year old Canadian, has had a passion for fitness ever since she can remember. From basketball, tennis, golf, and everything in between, she was apart of it. During university, she played on the Western University women’s varsity golf team. She believes that working out isn’t purely physical; it should also consider the mind and spirit. She is on a quest of obtaining a holistic and healthy lifestyle by working from the inside, out.

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