We all have beliefs ingrained in us. And as they say, “our thoughts become our reality”.

A belief I grew up with was that buying a home comes with a hefty mortgage, and years upon years of paying off debt. In turn, I had the limiting belief that when you do make that big life purchase, you’ll have no money to do the things you love to do. This of course, was way out of question for the free-spirted woman I am.

Fast forward 33 years later, and that limiting belief has been reprogrammed in my subconscious to the following: owning a home is valuable, and when you own a home, passive income may be had. Travelling is never, ever out of the cards either.

Now, my obsession with realtor.ca is as real as it gets.

What Are Limiting Beliefs, Exactly?

When we learn something new as children, the information floats into our subconscious where we store it as a truth. We forget it’s there and then put the pieces of the puzzle together when we’re older realizing that truth may not be ours.

We put limits on ourselves because of something we’ve heard or seen. Our brain remembers this, holds onto it dearly, and lets it go when we’re ready to put in the work.

And The Subconscious Mind… What’s That?

The subconscious mind stores your memories, values and skills. It’s like a wave that holds onto all you’ve learned and believed in. It’s the part of your brain that functions based on your thought systems, moving your conscious thoughts into your subconscious and back again.

Think of it this way, if you’re having a good day, your brain recognizes you’re happy. If you’re having a bad day and think every negative thought in the book, your subconscious takes those thoughts and believes in them. Those I can’t do this, I’m not good enough, I’m not meant to love kind of thoughts.

“The subconscious mind stores your memories, values and skills. It’s like a wave that holds onto all you’ve learned and believed in.”

How-To Unblock Your Limiting Belief System

Something learned can naturally be unlearned. A reconfiguration of the thoughts to create a new belief system is possible to help you reach your greatest potential.

Here are four easy methods to try and help you unblock your belief system: 

1. Meditate: Step into a deeper level of consciousness by meditating on your beliefs. As you meditate, focus on the words that may have blocked your from reaching new heights before.

Some typical limiting beliefs statements are:

Money can’t buy happiness.

“I’m not worthy of love.”

“I’m not valued in my work.”

2. Journal: Write down what you felt when meditating or trying to release limiting beliefs.

3. Re-Write The Script: Instead of using words like can’t or not, reframe how you speak.

Use sentences like:

“I am living in abundance and prosperity as my value grows.”

“I am worthy of all the love meant for me. I open my heart to those who bring peace and love in.”

“My work is valued. Those who I work with see my value and honour my work.”

4. Go Deeper: Listen to a guided sound bath and head deep into your subconscious. Open yourself up to your greatest truths.

To further your practice, work with Melaina through a virtual reiki and/or sound bath session.

Melaina Gasbarrino

Melaina Gasbarrino

Melaina Gasbarrino, is a certified reiki practitioner and yoga teacher. In 2017 she founded SALT to TREE, a wellness and conservation company that integrates the practices of movement and healing to live WITH the Earth. With her innate connection to the Earth, she always knew she was called to heal. Her experiences include teaching in Niagara, Toronto, New York, The Hamptons, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Muskoka, and Mexico.