Going Through It With Eva Redpath: Entrepreneur, Co-Active Life Coach And Wellness Leader

In addition to being Canada’s first Nike Master Trainer and a founding trainer at Barry’s Canada, Eva Redpath is a certified Co-Active life coach who wants to remind us that during these uncertain times, the only way out is through.

Here, we talk to Eva about her latest health and wellness initiatives: I Go Through It and The Collective.

SC: In “Go Through It,” we witness you experiencing a state of chaos and emerge as someone who is strong and powerful. How does this tie into your coaching philosophy?

ER: The last few months have been a challenging time for many and with so much out of our control, we’ve been left with a powerful pause to reflect, get curious, and search for answers about our future. Everyone is experiencing this moment uniquely. Go Through It” is my call to action that the only way out of what we’re feeling – whether it be anxiety, anger, frustration, or pain – is through. And whatever you are going through, you are not alone.

This is how I approach all my coaching relationships. I meet my clients where they are to get them to where they want to go by holding space so that they can be empowered to make choices that will shift their personal and professional life. I’m dedicated to holding my clients to their highest potential, to let go of disempowering stories, build internal resilience, eliminate limiting dialogue, and shattered fears. Together, we go through it.

SC: You’re Co-Active certified – why get this certification in the first place?

ER: When I work with a new client, I always start with a one-hour discovery session by phone or Zoom to level-set and align on their goals. Like anything, consistency is key and weekly 30-minute follow-up sessions keep us on track and course-correct when needed. When I decided to become a coach, I wanted to do it with the most respected certification in the industry. The Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) designation is the most rigorous and accredited. Co-Active means “being in action…together”. The model uses a scientifically-based method to provide a simple, intuitive framework that drives results.

SC: For those of us feeling stuck at this time, what should we do first?

ER: During this powerful pause, so many people have gotten in touch with their core values. Values are our heart’s deepest desires for the way we want to interact with the world, other people, and ourselves. They’re what we want to stand for in life, how we want to behave, and what sort of person we want to be. I would say, start with getting clear on your values and then translate them into committed actions. When our actions align with our values, we feel more fulfilled, which is incredibly important during this time. This is a journey and like I always say, don’t judge it. We’re going to come out of this stronger and wiser. So, be patient with yourself and know that doing your best is succeeding.

SC: At the beginning of the pandemic, you started The Collective – a series for women that focuses on connection and mindfulness. Can you tell us more about it?

ER: At the beginning of all this, I was feeling denied connection to the community which, as an extroverted person, fuels my passion and purpose. I recognized that I was powerless over what was happening in the world, but always in control of my mindset. So, I chose an intention bigger than the discomfort I was feeling, and connected my actions to a desire to be in service, to create The Collectivea sacred space for women to connect, grow, and celebrate. Each hour-long episode includes mindfulness moments, guest speakers, and is aimed at helping women learn, get centred, connect, and find some joy in these uncertain times.

SC: What kind of conversations are had within The Collective

ER: Every episode has been informative, entertaining, and inspirational. There have been countless takeaways from powerful women guest speakers. We’ve had experts speak on topics ranging from meditation and mental health with Carolyn Plater, co-owner of Hoame Meditation Studio, bestselling author Joy McCarthy, and Sex with Dr. Jess. When we meet, we focus on present emotions – the good, bad and ugly. Through the power of community, we can heal together. The Collective meets weekly and newcomers are always welcome. We are in this together and The Collective is ready to welcome you. 

SC: What would you like to see The Collective become?

ER: Anything is possible for the future of The Collective. The Collective is a place to co-create, make connections and build community. I would love to see a future where The Collective is broadcasted on new mediums, reaching an international audience, and continues to feature guest speakers who spark a conversation that inspires viewers.

To book a complimentary 30-minute coaching session, email [email protected]

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