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Welcome to ‘Faces of FAT’, a captivating series that takes you behind the scenes of Fashion Art Toronto 2024. Dive into the compelling narratives and creative journeys of diverse designers, as we uncover the inspirations, challenges, and triumphs that shape their unique visions. From innovators to emerging talents, each episode unveils the fascinating stories behind the runway. Join us as we celebrate the diverse voices and untold stories of the fashion world, one designer at a time.

Meet Stjórn Revali

Instagram/ Social Handles: Storrveldi
Showtime: May 5th, 2024 – 9:00 pm

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Stjórn Revali and I am a self taught artist. My artist journey started out as a writer, but I felt completed to add more visuals to my stories. I am a very visual person. So it was only natural that would progress to the visual arts and textile art. I learnt how to sew when I was little but re-learnt how to do it in my adult years. When I am not busy being deep in creation I am a full time student and competitive sword fighter. My art is all self funded and solo supported. It’s hard most days to balance the life I have. But I will try my best . 

Photo provided by Storrveldi

What inspires you?

My art is inspired by a few things , folklore, the Soviet surrealist movement, pro-topia futurism and female driven avant-garde fashion work. When it comes to garment design, I marry all these inspirations into one. I create intuitively, I am not one for sketching or planning. I am really inspired by music. Music creates a lot of visuals inside my head. A lot of my clothing is manifested from certain songs. When I listen to music I see a hyper visual world. Different genres have different complex worlds and various degrees of the fantastic. There’s also the subconscious inspiration from the media I consumed as a kid which has become embedded into my psyche. Legend of Zelda , Assassin’s Creed , Studio Ghibli to name a few. All of these things play a part in my inspiration.

Tell us the story behind your brand/ art.

The story behind my brand shifts with each collection. I started making garments as a means of art therapy. I was going through a difficult time and I have trouble processing my emotions. So I turned to art to try to understand myself better. And I created my first collection dedicated to healing and reforging a new self. The current collection I am presenting in Toronto is called “ Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors “ . It is about reconnecting with your diaspora and carrying the legacy of your ancestors. 

Photo provided by Storrveldi

What’s one piece of advice you would give someone starting out in your field?

Realistically have a back up plan, this is a very expensive field to go into. Unless you have deep pockets or your parents do, it will be very difficult. Thus, it’s not a bad idea to pursue higher education as a backup plan . I would encourage everyone to preside over higher education if they can. Besides, academia can really enrich your art. It has enriched mine.

What do you love most about FAT?

I love the opportunity to connect and be a part of something bigger than myself. I am so thankful for all the wonderful connections FAT has brought to me. It is so wonderful that we get to have this amazing event. 

What does 2024 hold for you? 

2024 will hold a lot of space for healing and exploration. I want to begin writing again, I want to reconnect with my inner child, I want to be happy. Although that’s more of a life long journey, I have a feeling 2024 will be a year blessed with goodness, so far it already is. I hope to see my brand grow and expand, my goal is to be a celebrity designer so maybe I will begin that this year.


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Welcome to ‘Faces of FAT’, a captivating series that takes you behind the scenes of Fashion Art Toronto 2024. Dive into the compelling narratives...


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