Self-care is defined as “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health”. Acting out self-care can be as simple as taking deep breaths when you feel out of sorts, taking a salt bath, or walking barefoot to feel more grounded.

That said, it can be harder to make the time for self-care when our lives get crazy. Getting a good night’s sleep and creating spaces that light up your soul at home are imperative to creating a healthy environment for self-care.

When we practice elements of self-care throughout the day, we learn to appreciate ourselves more. Plus, finding the time to nurture yourself provides you with a sense of inner peace during chaotic periods of life.

Now is the time to pause and take as many moments as you need for you. Here are a few soothing products that can help bring you the calm you need.

A cork yoga mat? We’re into it! Made with 100 per cent natural cork and a natural tree rubber bottom, this mat gives you space to move, bend and grip when you’re sweating it out.

This beautifully crafted moon ritual oil kit contains essential oils that are blended to help you manifest and release during the new, waxing, full and waning moons. Get ready to explore your senses.

This handmade tarot card deck was created to provide you with a moment of calm. While you sit and contemplate your brilliance, select a card to bring you closer to yourself.

Meditate in peace with this handmade organic cotton and hemp meditation cushion set. Inhale, exhale, and relax.

Need something to ground you? This meditation + spinning ring is made of hammered sterling silver and two 14 karat gold spinning rings.

Bring a little magic into your life with this handmade soy ritual candle. Infused with love, lavender and crystals that will transform any room into a healing space.

We love a good rose quartz facial roller, and we couldn’t be more obsessed with this one. Comprised of A-grade Madagascar rose quartz, it’s designed to create silky smooth skin while aligning your yin and yang.

Wrap yourself in this handmade wool and cashmere blanket, created to make your evenings by the fireside (or the lake) extra comfortable.

We are head over heels with this “License to Chill set that’s curated to induce feelings of calm. Each herbal supplement is filled to the brim with adaptogens that ease stress for clear thinking.

Another gift set favourite, this bundle of soy candles and natural soaps makes the perfect present for your favourite frontline worker or busy mum. It’s truly filled with love.

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