Your New Year’s Resolutions

December is always a time when we start thinking about the upcoming year and the changes we want to make. This most always includes new fitness goals. Come January, gym capacities increase, we spend more money on the latest fitness trends, and we cut down on those unnecessary junk foods! The problem is, how long do these changes last for? We’ve come up with a simple bulletproof plan to make sure you stick to your new year’s resolution plans this 2017!

Focus on a Single Goal

It’s important not to overwhelm yourself with a detailed list of goals for the year. Think of a couple goals that you really want to reach. Alternatively, you could choose a single goal for each month of the year. Don’t forget to give yourself a realistic timeframe or you will set yourself up for failure.

Aim for Success – Plan Ahead

To make sure you complete your weekly workouts, schedule them in advance. I typically make a monthly calendar of when, where, and what my workouts will be. This way, I know what exactly I’m doing and it holds me accountable for completing the workout. This also allows me to plan other things around my workouts, such as work, eating, meal prep, etc.

Track Your Progress

At the beginning of the January month, track where you start. I always keep a detailed log of my progress on a Word document, but do what works for you! Whenever I begin a program of any kind, I take my measurements and weigh myself. Once you start getting in a routine, it is truly amazing to start seeing results through the changes in your measurements.

Another great tip for tracking your progress is to start your own Instagram fitness account. The fitness community on Instagram is very inspiring and helpful. Even if you don’t want the account to be public, just set it to private and have it for your own personal progress. It will keep you on track and you will be able to see the results through taking regular photos of yourself.

Stick to it – Despite not seeing immediate results

Remember, changes don’t happen overnight! To be honest, the number on the scale really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. When I first started working out hard during an intense training program, the numbers on the scale actually went UP, not down. When you build muscle mass through gaining strength, the number on the scale will increase; this is completely normal. That being said, weight isn’t an accurate measure for being slim or fit. Take your time and remember to enjoy the process. It can be frustrating at the beginning, but it is so rewarding when you do start to see small changes in your body!

Contributor: Lauren Wardrope

Lauren, a 22-year old Canadian, has had a passion for fitness ever since she can remember. From basketball, tennis, golf, and everything in between, she was apart of it. During university, she played on the Western University women’s varsity golf team. She believes that working out isn’t purely physical; it should also consider the mind and spirit. She is on a quest of obtaining a holistic and healthy lifestyle by working from the inside, out.

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1 Comment

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