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I have spent so much of my life idolizing famous women in popular culture. Rihanna, Amal Clooney, Michelle Obama, Bianca Jagger, Beyoncé, the list goes on and on. I rave of their outstanding vocals in live award shows, their grace in addressing the nation, or their bravery to take-on a challenging film role. I worship their fashion sense and covet their wardrobes. I speak to their careers and accomplishments yet have no aspirations to follow in a close-to similar path.

These idolizations are fun and everyone is owed a piece of “glamour” to fantasize about. That is why pop-culture exists; we are fascinated by these talented figures as they act as an escape to our own normalcy and offer a glimmer of a lifestyle that we will most-probably never obtain.

However, I have recently come to a realization that has begged me to question my personal loyalties and idolizations. “I couldn’t help but wonder” (sorry, I had to): Why do I choose to “worship” these women, whom I will likely never meet, yet do not offer my immediate circle the same courtesy?

The girls who I surround myself with are girls that I CHOOSE to have in my life for reasons beyond their stylist’s ability to choose a stunning Oscar gown or their speechwriter’s eloquence. These are girls who I elect to have a role in my reality and who have a steady influence my past, present, and future. THEY moved to New York to take on an entirely new life away from the security of home, THEY accepted the entry-level job yet work their asses off in the hopes of someday accomplishing their dreams- which they most certainly will, and THEY can pair a Zara shirt with a vintage skirt and look chic AF. THESE are the girls who I idolize. On a daily basis, I see them without a VSCO filter or pricey blowout yet worship their effortless beauty. I have a sense of pride each time they conger the confidence to laugh at themselves to lighten the mood. I am uplifted by their compliments and their promise of companionship when I am not okay. Their realities are intertwined with mine, I can watch first-hand as they set-out to achieve their goals and I can use their own successes as a real-life motivation to strive for my own.

I am sure that I will continue to gasp when I watch Diane Kruger’s arrival at the Met Gala or envy the Instagram Blogger’s bikini body. However, I am so excited to embrace my own circle of savvy women as my idols and continue to expand that circle with people who I adore beyond the façade of popularity and followers. I will complement my friends on their natural beauty, I will share the news of their launches or attend their work-events, and I will speak to them with the same level of idolization as the celebs, as they are my true icons.

Contributor: Victoria Menechella

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