WAYHOME Music Festival 2017

WAYHOME Music Festival 2017 Recap

I went to WAYHOME Music festival, I sang until my voice was gone, I danced each day and night away, and I did something I thought I retired years ago—I camped! & I must say—I loved every minute of it! This was my first time experiencing a weekend long festival. It gave me the opportunity to really immerse myself into the music and environment and enjoy a beautiful summer weekend with some amazing friends.

2017 Wayhome live stage

WAYHOME music festival consists of running into a bunch of people you already know and meeting people you’re happy to know now. Even if it was too early for a performance, people were always out and about enjoying the weather, hanging out, blowing bubbles, and enjoying their time away from reality. When the shows did start around 2:00pm everyone began to flock to the first show they wanted to see and bounced around to the different stages throughout the days in order to catch their favourite musicians. The contrast of artists had something for everyone. I was absolutely blown away by the slay-age that was Solange’s performance, along with performances by Daniel Caesar, Mura Masa, The Drums, Jagwar Ma, Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, Hundred Waters, and the festival ending with a rare performance by Frank Ocean was just magical.

Wayhome music festival 2017 hangout

As for the fashion—a lot of little outfits and shirtlessness paired with the most vibrant sunglasses as people were soaking up the sun.

Seeing performances by so many world-renowned artists in one weekend was incredible. The 2017 WAYHOME music festival experience is something my friends and I will cherish forever.

Wayhome music festival livestage


PHOTO CREDITS:  Mac Bauer @fourcheesepickup

Contributor: Giulia Menechella @queenofroulette

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