Are your friends in serious pain over their cycle this month and telling you about it? Are you feeling bogged down yourself? On May 7, the supermoon entered Scorpio and it could be the reason why things are a little… weird.

The moon in Scorpio influences the genitals, anus, urethra, and prostate (who knew?!), causing those experiencing their period at this time to really feel it. For anyone who’s not cramping up, intense emotions, the overwhelming burden of tax season, and struggles with finances weigh particularly heavy right now.

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In 2015, Indian born Canadian poet Rupi Kaur (@rupikaur_ ) posted a photo-essay depicting scenes of her menstruation called “The Period”. It was subsequently removed by @instagram because it didn’t comply with the site’s terms of service. With the photos she had written: “I see the way many communities avoid the menstruating woman. In some societies a woman is not allowed out of her home on her period even to go to high school, or she isn’t allowed to visit her religious place of worship because she’s considered dirty. By highlighting these distinct moments of the cycle that women go through I will be forcing viewers to look at and tackle their fears head on.” Rupi reposted her work and Instagram continued to remove it. It received so much attention that eventually Instagram offered an apology and said they had been removed my mistake. Rupi responded, “thank you Instagram for providing me with the exact response my work was created to critique.” #RupiKaur #ThePeriod

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If the supermoon’s time in Scorpio has felt especially dark for you, a light is just around the corner as the new moon enters Gemini on May 22. So, hang in there extra tight! The current supermoon has been named the ‘Full Flower Moon’ for its association with spring’s blossom, so caring for your own flower is essential.

Here’s three natural remedies for easing uncomfortable pain during the supermoon:

1. Water And Heat, Heat And Water

Drinking plenty of water and placing a heating pack across your lower abdomen/pelvis is a trick to calming period pain that never fails.

2. Try Some Fennel Extract

It’s been discovered that fragrant fennel seed contains ‘anti-spasmodic‘ properties, helping to relieve bloating and cramping. Pure fennel extract and fennel tea can be comforting to sip on during your period. Try your hand at the recipe below.

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Fennel Tea for relaxed mind Follow :@introotz For all the queens out there we know how challenging it can be physically, emotionally and mentally to prepare yourself and go through the journey of life. But did you know you have three amazing spices sitting right in your kitchen closet that can support you in all three ways? Fennel seeds are great for lowering stress, blood pressure, and calming you down. Not only that, it’s the perfect mouthfreshner and can be replaced with your chewing gum. Not only would it help freashen up your mouth, but exercise your jaw and relieve bloating. Here is an easy recipe you can enjoy with your loved ones. Ingredients: Fennel seeds/powder Boiling water Honey Lemon Recipe: Pour boiling water and let it steep for 5 minutes. Add honey and lemon. Enjoy your yummy fennel-tea (penalty, if you get the pun) to keep your body and mind happy! #niveditafitness #lifestyle #fitness #tea #mothers #relax #sleepcure #health #healthtips #recipe #homemade #follow #follow4followback #honey #lemon #fennel #vegan #exercise

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3. A Sprinkle Of Cinnamon Does The Trick

Cinnamon is a potent anti-inflammatory that’s an ultra-affective treatment for period symptoms like nausea and vomiting. It’s been found to significantly reduce period pain too.

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Happy Tuesday😊 Peace and Love One of the herbs that have been mentioned in various texts to hold potent benefits and for those who are well studied in vibrational frequency of the human body know or may have heard that the herb cinnamon is linked to Tuesday the day of Mars and the sign of aries. Below I have listed a few known and a couple of unknown health benefits of cinnamon. While the spice is best known as a flavorful ingredient, its efficacy extends far beyond the kitchen. Cinnamon plays an important role in traditional medicine and possesses a variety of healthful effects. With its natural composition, cinnamon is considered a medicinal substance in a variety of ways. The compound can be used effectively as an anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial agent. It also functions to stimulate brain and nerve function as well as to cleanse and detox the body. As such, cinnamon has been identified as an effective treatment option for a variety of conditions. Research suggests that cinnamon is effective for treating HIV, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. It can also be used to regulate diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure. As it is an antifungal agent, cinnamon can also alleviate fungal infections such as candida. The substance is even able to regulate metabolism and aid in weight loss. More than just a good cooking spice, cinnamon is also a great health remedy. The spice can be used to treat a wide range of conditions including diabetes and high cholesterol. #cinnamon #cinnamonrolls #cinnamonroll #cinnamonbun #cinnamonbuns #cinnamonapple #cinnamonsugar #cinnamontoastken #cinnamonbark #cinnamonswirl #cinnamoncoffeecake #cinnamonconure #cinnamonvanilla #cinnamontea #CinnamonToastCrunch #CinnamonApples #cinnamonscrolls #cinnamonwhiskey #cinnamonsnail #cinnamonsticks #cinnamonbread #cinnamonhakuraahuraa #cinnamonlifestyle #cinnamonlover #Cinnamonteal #cinnamonscroll #CinnamonCandle #cinnamoncat #cinnamonhair #cinnamonpass

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