Stacy Anderson & KENT Women

We caught up with Stacy Anderson, designer of KENT Woman, a radically natural organic silk lingerie brand, and are in awe of how she has re-defined the world of lingerie. Stacy has developed a brand that encompasses luxury and sustainability, two concepts we believe should always go hand in hand. Read on to learn more about Stacy and KENT Woman.

Tell us A Little About Yourself:

I currently living in Los Angeles, and have also called London, Copenhagen and of course Toronto home. After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University, I moved to the UK to pursue an interest in the apparel space, taking an MA in Strategic Fashion Marketing at London College of Fashion. It was there where my fascination with sustainability and luxury fashion (especially lingerie) began, and I’ve been chasing a dream ever since.

Tell us A Little About your Work:

KENT began as an idea during my MA thesis when exploring new directions on sustainability and luxury branding which culminated in a capsule collection of organic silk graffiti lingerie. We did a shoot and everything, which Suki Waterhouse was actually a part of (!), and I’ve been evolving the concept since then. The core ethos is the same – to create a radically natural collection of premium organic lingerie that challenges existing norms and perceptions of femininity and intimate apparel. Through KENT, I wanted to make lingerie less about sex and more about style and self love. That’s why I also created The Female Future Project – piece by piece, customers choose to direct KENT’s investment in non-profits and social enterprises creating game-changing impact for women and girls across health, safety/security and education. I would love to be part of the amazing conversations around changing dynamics of womanhood and the role of females in defining our collective futures.

What 3 Words would you use to Describe your Work?

Natural. Minimal. Soft.

Tell us about the Canadian Aspects of your Work.

Layers, layers, layers! Coming from a cold climate, I’ve learned (and loved) the form and function of layering. Each piece in our collection is designed to effortlessly layer with each other, as well as complement the pieces in your own closet. This is truly where lingerie began and I want to return to this beautiful function, as well as focusing on natural rather than synthetic fabrics that tend to dominate this space.

What Motivates You?

Challenging status quo, bringing an idea to life, and contributing beauty to the world.

What do you find Most Challenging About Operating your Own Business? What Advice do you have for Young Entrepreneurs?

Wearing many (all?) hats, but that’s also part of the excitement and growth in these early times. You also need to quickly get comfortable making decisions, big and small, many times a day.
On advice – embrace your grit! Be resourceful, committed and passionate, but don’t forget about balance too. Recognize that you can learn something from everyone, and dream bigger than your doubts.

What has been your Most Fulfilling Experience so far?

Partnering with the amazing team at The Dreslyn to exclusively launch KENT out in the world. It’s been incredible to have a partner see your vision and get behind a new idea.

What Are You Currently Reading? Watching? Listening to?

Reading: Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch
Watching: Chef’s Table
Listening to: Austra – excited for this Toronto electronic group’s new album ‘dropping’ end of the month 😉

What Does “Style” Mean to You?


Purchase KENT online at The Dreslyn

Follow KENT Woman: Instagram
Photo Credit: KENT Woman

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