What’s In Your Beach Bag?

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the waves are crashing; gosh we love the beach! Needless to say we have spent our fair share at beaches both local and around the globe. We thought we would share our beach bag “must haves” for your coming weekend escape.


No matter what the season we don’t leave the house without sunscreen. In the winter we ensure its in our daily moisturizer but in the summer at the beach we need to up our game. We prefer a SPF of 30 or higher in lotion form to ensure our skin is well looked after.


From round lenses to the tortoiseshell look, sunglasses are one of the best ways to make a statement while lounging by the sea. While tanning we prefer a smaller lens to avoid tan lines but if we are going for fashion it’s still all about the large lens for that dramatic effect.


If you’re planning on spending your summer vacation at the beach, up at the cottage or down south, towels are a must! We love Turkish towels as they are quick drying, multi-functional, beautifully designed and are usually created using sustainable practices.


You’ll most likely be wearing flip flops already, but if you’ve decided to dress in style for your beach day (we’ve been known to wear a wedge!) we recommend tossing a pair of flip flops into your beach bag so can make that walk to the lobster shack.


For long walks on the beach, and lazy afternoons sipping sangria along the shore, a cover up is a must. We typically toss on a maxi dress or kaftan, but if you like to keep it simple a shorts and t-shirt will do just fine.

Summer Reads

We know all the rage for reading by the beach is using an e-reader, but call us old fashioned, we still love reading a good old hardcover book! Our favourite this summer is Elin Hilderbrand’s, “Here’s to Us”, she takes you to Nantucket, an island full of gossip, love and friendship.

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