#TrendingInNewOrleans: Mardi Gras Colours - STYLE Canada


March 1st is Mardi Gras, so our #TrendingIn series this week is all about wearing green, yellow and purple in New Orleans!

We have masks, wigs, beads and everything flashy! Mardi Gras is all about excitement and tradition, so we gathered these top five looks from influencers in New Orleans who are sporting their Mardi Gras flare!

How are you rocking the Mardi Gras colours this year? Show us on Instagram by using the hashtags, #TrendingInCanada and #TrendingInNewOrleans!

The Flashier the Better!

@rayasunshiine via Instagram

Let the Good Times Roll!

@itsmepyper via Instagram

Hiding your Identity

@metaphysicalmaria via Instagram

Let the Festivities Begin!

@prettybasic_titi via Instagram

It’s All About Tradition!

@rebekah.wangler via Instagram

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