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While we do our best to navigate through these difficult and uncertain times surrounding COVID-19, we’re doing what we can to live our ‘normal’ lives in a way that is both safe and conscious of our community. As a digital platform, we’re grateful that we can continue to operate online and we’re committed to bringing our readers our regularly scheduled content. Our weekly trend report provides an opportunity for us to showcase the current sartorial landscape of the nation whilst promoting Canadian content creators from around the country. And for that, we’re even more thankful.

Last week, we saw a boom in one-piece looks on stylish ladies across the land. Jumpsuits are a great outfit choice for the following activities: sitting around the house in something other than pjs, running to the shops to stock up on canned goods, looking chic on a solo stroll through your local park… OK, you get the idea. So, while we patiently await updates on how to go about living our daily  lives, why not do so fashionably?

Find five of our favourite jumpsuit looks below.

1. #BossBabe Boiler Suit


2. Crimson Queen


3. Chill-In-Cheetah


4. Lovely In Lemon


5. Denim From Heaven


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