While we do our best to navigate through these difficult and uncertain times surrounding COVID-19, we’re doing what we can to live our ‘normal’ lives in a way that is both safe and conscious of our community. As a digital platform, we’re grateful that we can continue to operate online and we’re committed to bringing our readers our regularly scheduled content. Our weekly trend report provides an opportunity for us to showcase the current sartorial landscape of the nation whilst promoting Canadian content creators from around the country. And for that, we’re even more thankful.

Last week, we saw a boom in one-piece looks on stylish ladies across the land. Jumpsuits are a great outfit choice for the following activities: sitting around the house in something other than pjs, running to the shops to stock up on canned goods, looking chic on a solo stroll through your local park… OK, you get the idea. So, while we patiently await updates on how to go about living our daily  lives, why not do so fashionably?

Find five of our favourite jumpsuit looks below.

1. #BossBabe Boiler Suit

2. Crimson Queen

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As of lately, we have all been affected by the news surrounding COVID-19. As we practice social distancing, there are higher risks of developing fear, anxiety and spending too much time on our screens. Did you know that there have also been advancements towards finding a vaccine? Also, we have the ability to be healthy, powerful, socially aware and trust in our ability to heal ourselves. Did you know all of that? I am grateful for the community of strong, opinionated, direct and established entrepreneurs. We strive to push forward the cure. That cure is education. Education in being aware, acknowledging the truth when troubled times surprise our hapiness; life's celebrations. As humans, we have reacted, are reacting. But we also have the power to be intelligent, raise awareness, grow our communities and educate our young. We need to move past the statistics of death tolls and see what the picture at large gives truth to. I'll leave that up to you. But firstly, let us celebrate our wins every day, and build the momentum of HOPE, LIFE TO LIVE FREELY & TRUST IN OURSELVES. I am so proud of @imshreyapatel who is making a difference at large with her documentary 'GIRL UP', being nominated for @forbesunder30, being an advocate for Mental Health @bell_letstalk, an actor, a dreamer, and a womansoul supporter. I had the pleasure of styling her for her public speaking events at Toronto City Hall last week and Markham City Hall. All #iwd2020 weekend, we witnessed the growing while glowing stages of this woman. It takes one BORN WOMAN to make a difference in the world. #dna 'the power is in you'

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3. Chill-In-Cheetah

4. Lovely In Lemon

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Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, Including you~ • • • I am going to take us back to beautiful Jamaica in the next few posts. A reminder of how beautiful this world is. We may not be traveling at the moment, but we can live vicariously through each other by our travel memories no? Please start to share your destination posts and maybe refrain from showing the horrible situations around us. We are all in disbelief with what is happening but let's try to break that chain? Note: Almost everything will work again if we breathe, exhale and always take care of each other and remember that storms do not last. This yellow Silk & Linen Jumpsuit will always be in my top five of favorite pieces. I cannot wait to style it again. • • • • • • Jumpsuit: @massimodutti Shoes: @fendi Photo: @emmaeatstheworld • • • • • • #memories #melanin #beautiful #makeup #jamaica #resort #yellow #jumpsuit #womenwithstyle #photographer #travel #lifestyle #style #wanderlust #traveltheworld #passionpassport #highlowluxurystyle #events #fashion #personalstyle #mystyle #mycloset #quotes #fashionista #fashionblogger #colorpop #styleblogger #styledbyme #love #me

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5. Denim From Heaven

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✨ Happy International Women’s Day!✨ : Today we celebrate women and a century of progress for economic, social, cultural and political equality. : Shout out to all the outspoken, tenacious and caring women in this world that stand up and fight for a women’s right to equality and all the MEN out there who support their wives, mothers, sisters and friends by standing with us. : Although today is a day of gratitude and celebration, we still have a LONG way to go until we live in a world of equality. Equality for equal pay, equality for equal opportunity in the workplace, equality for personal rights and reproductive choices, but today is a day of celebration and I am happy to wish all of you a Happy International Women’s Day! 🤗 ::::::: 📍 @seetorontonow. 📸 @adamgweiers #isthatsoh . . . . . #canadiangirl #prettylittleiiinspo #internationalwomensday #womensfashion #torontofashionblogger #hmxme #guccifannypack #fashioninspo #torontofashionblogger #torontoblogger #inspiremyinstagram #stylediaries #iwd #torontofashion #travelblogger #fashioninspiration #toronto #springfashion2020 #fashionkilla #ootdinspiration #torontolife #wearitloveit #iwd2020 #inspiremyinstagram #torontoigers #styleinspo #torontoliving #torontogirl

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