Sweater vests: Will they ever go out of style?

French tucked or layered on top of a crisp white blouse, a sweater vest makes a cozy-looking, cute ‘n preppy statement.

Thrifted, vintage, and/or oversized, the sweater vest is making a comeback as one of 2020’s best fashion accessories, particularly on Instagram.

Check out our favourite outfits accompanied by laid-back yet sophisticated sweater vests on Canadian fashionistas across the country.

Next week, be sure to share your #OOTD with us by using the hashtag #TrendingInCanadaOh! And happy #SweaterVestSeason.

1. Nifty And Thrifty

2. Classic Fall Houndstooth

3. Off-White And Slightly Oversized

4. Punky Office Appropos

5. Cheery Mint Chip Delight

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