#TrendingInCanada: Neutral Biker Sets - STYLE Canada


The fact that Canadians love comfortable clothing is no groundbreaking observation, but it rings true as we continue to lounge about in our coziest wears, waiting for the OK to roam outside. Sweats are being swapped for their weather appropriate counterpart, the biker short, and as a result, the nation’s biggest fashion lovers are putting their own spin on Princess Diana’s iconic athleisure look. Neutral biker sets have now been elevated to a new level of luxury, ladies.

Here’s a look at some of our favourite ways to style a neutral biker set. Thank you, Instagram.

1. Alright In All-White


2. A Look To Dye For


3. Athleisure At Its Finest


4. Done Up, Done Right


5. Monochrome Mauve


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