The Drake Devonshire

The Drake Devonshire is no ordinary place. It is a destination filled with eclectic beauty and wonder as you stroll through all of its nooks and crannies. Spending the weekend in Prince Edward County it was love at first sight. Seemed a new ‘it’ spot just a couple of hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city, weekenders are flocking here to take in all of its glorious spaces. From wineries and the tiniest towns to sand dunes and the best sunsets, the county has much to offer city slickers, most notably The Drake Devonshire, an inn known for its beauty and grace wherever you may be.

When you stroll up to the Drake Devonshire you are welcomed with warm smiles and happy vibes. The 10 rooms up for grabs are booked solid till December, and who could blame their guests – each room has that true county feel mixed with clean lines, eclectic art and the cosiest of beds.

As you stroll through the property you’ll soon realize why the county, and more notably The Drake, will be your new favourite destination. From beach side fire pits, perfect event spaces indoors and out, ping pong and Drake bikes, your imagination will certainly run wild here.

And best of all, the restaurant. The second you walk into the restaurant you feel like you’re in the city with its eccentric menu and top-notch service, yet you’ll feel miles away as you turn to your right and see the waves serenely crashing against the shore. The food is mouthwatering, the lobster is breathtaking and the roasted chicken is a meal fit for two. Each dish is served in true Drake fashion through the combinations of flavours and delectable smells that waft through the kitchen. This is a restaurant you won’t want to miss while spending the weekend away. Whether your coming to the county for the wine or the beach, you’re definitely going to want to stay, eat and play at The Drake.

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