Photo credit: Good Sunday
Photo credit: Good Sunday


Summer Drinks Round Up

As we roll into the long weekend, we know you’ll be enjoing a refreshing drink or two this weekednd, so here we are sharing a few favourites of ours to celebrate the last days of summer. Whether you’re headed to your besties pool party, or beach bonfire, we’ve got you covered with our Summer Drinks Round Up!

‘Lemon Vodka Soda’ by Good Sunday

Photo credit: Good Sunday Summer Drinks Round Up

Photo credit: Good Sunday

Squeezing lemons to make the ‘Lemon Vodka Soda’ by Good Sunday is the ultimate thing to do this summer. Made with real lemon juice and vodka this low calorie, summer fun drink is best served at a dock party with your favourite people.

‘Pale’ by Partake Brewing

Photo credit: Partake Brewing Summer Drinks Round Up

Photo credit: Partake Brewing

This light, non-alchololic, citrus drink has won pile of international awards, so you know it’s has to be a top on our summer drinks list. The ‘Pale’ by Partake Brewing balances the slight bitterness of west coast hops with a touch of malty sweetness and is perfect a weekend at the cottage.

Forty Creek Butter Tart Cream Liquor

Photo credit: Forty Creek

Photo credit: Forty Creek

Experience the flavours of Canada’s quintessential treat with Forty Creek’s Butter Tart Cream Liquor. Discover layers of fresh baked brown sugar, vanilla and butterscotch perfectly served over ice, straight up, or in your favorite coffee for those long weekend getaways.

Appleton 8 YO Jamaican Rum

Photo credit: Appleton Estate

Photo credit: Appleton Estate

We can’t get enough of the Appleton Estate 8 YO Jamaican Rum. With its spicy fruit aromas, hints of honey, vanilla, holiday spice and orange peel notes, it will surely be a delight to your senses for a backyard gathering with your besties this weekend.

Have a great long weekend folks, and remember, please drink responsibly. 

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