Start Up Fashion Week Toronto Emerging Talents

Start Up Fashion Week Toronto saw over 600 guests attended events across the city bringing together a growing network of fashion enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

The highly successful five-day event provided a platform for emerging designers and fashion-tech startups to increase visibility through networking events, conferences and a prestigious runway show.  In its fourth year, Start Up Fashion Week Toronto drew in participants from across Canada as well as guests and sponsors from the US and the UK.  We had the opportunity to speak with three of its emerging brands:

Start Up Fashion Week: UNI (YOU + I)

Tell us a little about yourself.
UNI YOU + I was created by Julia Kuot, Monica Wol and Nancy Kuot. We all had a desire to make clothing s that are timeless, we love fashion and definitely the creativity aspect of it. This is what we did with UNI.

What was the inspiration behind this collection?
This season is all about the romance using lace and floral prints. We are interpreting these fabrics in our dresses, tops, blouses, skirts and pants. We have created an evening party gown that can be worn for weddings, Christmas parties and New Year celebrations. Summer parties, vacations, weddings are always exciting but we want to extend the excitement to the fall/winter season. I think fall and winter are a romantic seasons.

Tell us about the Canadian aspects of your work.
We think it is important to invest in Canadian talent because we believe there are a lot of talented artistic Canadians. We Invest in Canadian production/manufacturing in every aspect from fabrics to production to marketing. By doing so we also insure ethically made products that contribute in driving our economy and creating jobs. I believe it is our duty as Canadian to represent and support Canadian fashion.

To read more about UNI (YOU + I) visit: https://www.youandico.com/

Start Up Fashion Week: Diana Soleil

Tell us a little about yourself.

Fashion has always been my passion since a young age. Even though I’ve taken several turns away from fashion like getting my BA in urban planning at Concordia; I always knew it will be a part of me. I paint doing my free time, which I should thank both of my parents who are skilled artist. Being surrounded by art, literature and design since I was a girl affected the way I see my surroundings.

Tell us about the Canadian aspects of your work.

A handbag is a staple to everyone’s wardrobe. When seeking quality, consumers often turn to designer labels, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damages to one’s credit card. There is an abundance of fast fashion retailers pumping out low quality bags at high volume, but the synthetic leather and materials of these bags never last beyond a few months. Currently, there is a lack of companies providing budget friendly, high quality and stylish handbags in the Canadian market. We want to become a name that Canadians will be proud of. We have a history of fur trade which we can fight against in the present by not buying fur or leather in general. Our idea and inspiration behind our label was to create an alternative to our Canadian leather problem.

What motivates you?

My motivation is simple: I want to succeed in the industry without the environmental damages fashion can cause in the process. For the past 2 years I’ve been enticed by handbags and accessories in general. I’ve always had a thing for architecture and industrial design, and as an urban planner I had a chance to plan projects for the city. So my motivation is to combine all aspects of my life to make something fun, desirable and versatile. Our motto is to execute simplicity with femininity, while being functional and versatile.

To read more about Diana Soleil Visit: https://www.dianasoleil.com/

Start Up Fashion Week: Tap2Tag

Tell us about Tap2Tag?
Tap2Tag medical alert devices provide a safe, secure and convenient way of carrying your personal medical information with you at all times. In most cases people use our devices as a convenient way of storing their own information, and then access the device when needed, for example at a clinic.

What was the inspiration behind the product?
We wanted to create a product that continues to embrace our medical side but allowing features used in daily life, a product for business professionals, artists, caretakers and parents. CONNECT features tap payment as well as the ability to exchange business or personal information instantly, without the hassle of a paper business card. For a world which revolves around technology and advancement, this product is an all-in-one that fashion as well as tech lovers can utilize day to day.

What motivates you?
Personally, being a female in the tech business is hard, many can attest to that. But THAT is what motivates me. I want to show women that no matter what, you can do anything. You CAN be the head of a department. You CAN front a technology business.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?
The best advice I can give to other young entrepreneurs is; do not back down! Do not take no for an answer because you may look different or that you may not have enough experience. Every day you have to give it your all and keep your head held high and continue doing what you want to do.

To read more about Tap2Tag Visit: https://www.tap2tag.ca/

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