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After travelling in Spain last summer, I longed to find a Basque style restaurant that served some of the most incredible pintxos that I had ever had. My prayers were answered when Grant Van Gameren opened his second restaurant, Bar Raval, which took me back to Spain through every bite of food. His latest venture is a bar and kitchen that serves expensive seafood from tins, pinxtos and tapas.

The restaurant feels as though you are in Spain with a spectacular ode to Gaudi through the architectural design that the space evokes. The environment, snacks and drinks are perfection and it embodies everything that is sought after in a bar/ restaurant.

The menu is dived into canned specialties, cheese, meats, pintxos and tapas. Whether you’re willing to pay a small fortune for some of the finest tinned seafood (cockles $35 for ½ a tin) or enjoy sampling some of the tapas (tomato bread $3) there’s something for everyone.

The bar holds about 40 people so if crowds aren’t your thing you can head there in the morning for a coffee and a delicious pastry or for some snacks in the late afternoon. Bar Raval is a piece of Spain that is located on College St and is a must try!

Contributor: Cassandra Wardrope
Photo: Unsplash

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