Sleepless in Seattle: A Weekend in The Pacific Northwest

The most famous city in Washington state, the home of grunge, the fastest-growing city in the US, the hub of the dot-com boom – what can we say about The City of Goodwill that you don’t already know?

Well, quite a lot as it happens! You might hear “Seattle” and think “Frasier” or “Nirvana” or “Starbucks” but there is so much more to the city than that. It’s an amazing place to spend a weekend, and we can prove it. There’s much more to do than rock out and much more to eat than tossed salads and scrambled eggs. So, without further ado, here’s the absolute best way to spend a weekend in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

Friday Night: Drinks Night at Unicorn

What: Carnival food, cocktails, arcades and music all under one roof
Where: 1118 East Pike Street
This might be the most appropriately named bar on the entire east coast, because it is certainly a unicorn. Unique, rare and absolutely wonderful, this Capitol Hill bar is open from 2pm until 2am seven days a week. Serving a combination of classic cocktails, new age drinks and so-bad-it’s-good carnival food in a bar full of arcade games, pinball machines and photo booths, this is a quintessential Seattle experience that you won’t want to miss out on.

Saturday Morning: Sunrise at Smith Tower

What: A place to avoid the tourist trap that is the Space Needle and get a stunning view of Seattle to boot.
Where: 506 Second Avenue
Assuming you didn’t have too many cocktails at Unicorn last night, get up early and head to the Smith Tower for an amazing sunrise view over downtown Seattle. Sure, everyone else will go to the Space Needle. However, this 148-metre tower clocks in just 36 metres lower and offers just as spectacular a view as its more famous counterpart – without the crowds.

Saturday Afternoon: Coffee (Naturally) at Café Allegro

What: The best coffee in Seattle, which considering the reputation of the city is really saying something!
Where: 4214 University Way NE
Seattle’s oldest espresso joint has been serving quality coffee to the people of the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years, having caffeinated the likes of Microsoft and Amazon founders as well as the forefathers of the grunge music scene. Really, what trip to Seattle is complete without some quality coffee? Exactly! So, if you don’t want to miss out, you’d better get the best coffee that Seattle has to offer so you can fuel yourself for a great Saturday night.Saturday Evening: Gambling and Glamour at Club Hollywood

What: Club Hollywood Casino, boasting the best selection of bankroll-boosting games in the city.
Where: 16716 Aurora Avenue North Shoreline
What kind of ultimate weekend is complete without a little action in the little black dress? Forget being a Bond girl, be Bond! The Club Hollywood Casino has all the games you could want, with table service and great restaurants. Take some time out to feel like a high roller at your game of choice. Remember, you can always practice online and even win real money before you head there just to make sure you know what you’re doing. Who knows, you might be able to pay for your weekend…

Coffee in Seattle

Saturday Night: Cocktails at Knee High Stocking

What: Seattle’s ultimate ladies’ night for you and the girls to live it large.
Where: 1356 East Olive Way
More information
These guys love cocktails, and cocktails love them. The décor of a prohibition speakeasy meets modern day Seattle in a fantastic cocktail bar with classic drinks and those that time has forgotten. Open until 2am, it’s one of Seattle’s most popular venues so recommendations (see website) are strongly recommended.

Sunday Morning: Brunch at Portage Bay

What: Local, organic brunch options to help you clear your head (and body) after a great weekend.
Where: Four locations across the city
What better way to recover from your cocktail-heavy night than with an organic brunch at one of four great locations across the city? Catch Brunch until 11.30am at Portage Bay, where they want you to “eat like you give a damn” and have a great menu to back it up. Fresh juice (or booze, if you’re that way inclined) with a great selection of brunch options is the perfect way to round off a great weekend in Seattle.

Photo Credit: Jez Timms, David Bares,  Ali Ina

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