Mattress from Logan and Cove
Photo via Logan and Cove


Logan & Cove: Canada’s Best Luxury Mattress

Logan & Cove’s mattress is our team’s new obssession. We believe, living abundantly starts off with getting as much sleep as our bodies need each and every night. From making your bedroom your personal sleep sanctuary (think candles, low lights, and no technology) to resting your head on the greatest Canadian luxury mattress, sleeping well will come naturally to you now and forever when you find comfort in this luxury mattress.

Mattress from Logan & Cove

Photo via Logan & Cove

Why we love the Logan & Cove Mattress

It’s made with Canadian materials

The cleverly engineered design of this luxury mattress is created with Canadian-sourced foams, coils, and fabrics. That means that everything you find in the mattress may have been sourced in your backyard! For that, we love this product.

Logan & Cove’s breathable, luxurious fabrics will make you sleep well

Designed with sustainable Tencel® fibers, the Logan & Cove design adapts to your body to create something really magical. So, if you’re someone who runs hot during the night, the fibers were designed to help regulate your body temperature while you sleep to provide you with a cool, dry, comfortable sleep. Dreamy, right?!

Logan and Cove Mattress

Photo via Logan & Cove

It conforms and adapts to your body

We’re always on the lookout for a bed that wraps us in a place of sheer comfort every single night, and that’s what we’ve found in the Logan & Cove bed. With individually wrapped pocketed coils and a memory foam design, you’ll have an undisturbed sleep with a partner. Or, if you’re someone who moves around a lot, you’ll soon realize that this mattress moves and flows with you. Thanks to its multi-layered approach, it conforms to your movements, releases key pressure points on your body (if you have bad knees, this mattress is a dream!) and works in sync with you to provide you with ultimate support.

The mattress that doesn’t break your bank

It’s simply the best luxury mattress we’ve seen on the market. And the best part is that it’s totally affordable to have a Logan & Cove mattress in every single bedroom. We know you’re eager to get yours today. So, all you have to do is order it via the link below and it will be delivered to your doorstep faster than you can read this article!

Wishing you many restful sleeps in your new bedroom.


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