#InstaBeauty – How to Nail Your Social Media Photos

You probably already know just how much social media has changed the way we view everyone’s lives, but it’s also changed the way we apply makeup. With the surge of selfie nation, most women want to put their best face forward and look as flawless as possible. With Holiday parties and seasonal events coming into full swing, being photo ready is an absolute must.

What I enjoy most about being on social media is finding inspiration to try out new makeup looks. It’s also a great place to discover trends and show off your own style!

I’m sharing with you my makeup tips and editing tricks on how to take the perfect photo for your Holiday adventures, on social media.

  1. The perfect Base

No matter what your skin type or budget, there is a primer out there for you. I always recommend choosing one that suits your main skin needs. For many, it’s adding moisture and hydration or an oil – controlling option that will leave you with a shine- free, even canvas.

The next steps are finding the perfect foundation and concealer. A light layer of both is a great way to add smoothness to the skin – without the need of a filter. You want your natural beauty to shine through as much as possible.

My tools of choice for application are either a dampened beauty sponge for a sheer and glowy finish; or you can use a foundation brush for a more full-coverage end result.

  1. #browsonfleek

A clean, groomed set of brows makes an impression on or off camera. This is my go-to when I want to look instantly polished. When looking for the perfect brow product, you need to keep in mind your target colour. The brow colour you should be looking for, is within 1-2 shades darker than your natural hair colour and should be cooler or neutral in tone. With the brow trend being full-on lately, I’d recommend using a pencil and a brow gel to amplify the natural texture and structure of your brows.

  1. Pick a Feature

When it comes to selfies, your best bet is to focus on one feature. Be sure to keep in mind that a bold lip paired with a major smokey eye, can be too much in a photo. One trend I love lately on Instagram, is a bold winged liner. The liner helps elongate the eyes and it looks great on everyone. It might require a bit of practice but so worth it!

It’s also red lipstick season and there are so many great reds out there to discover. If you’re currently on the hunt, I recommend blue-based reds as they help make your teeth look whiter and bright.

  1. Work that Angle

Now you’re ready to take your photo! The best way to take a selfie is finding the right angle to flatter your profile and face shape. If you’re looking for a solid move, lift your chin and take a photo from slightly above your head. This will help make you appear slimmer and keep your whole look in the frame.

Also, keep in mind the overall lighting of your photo. I always recommend taking a selfie in front of a window or in a well-lit area. Natural light is always the best to show off any makeup look and will help even more, when it comes to editing your photos.

Don’t forget that Filter

There are so many photo apps you can use but my go-to for editing and filters, is VSCO cam. I love that I can create a high quality image by simply using the app. I usually like to adjust the brightness and contrast, which will help brighten and smooth over the photo. You can also sharpen your image to add more depth and increase harmony and contrast. I also suggest Facetune, to remove texture from certain areas of the face or make any breakout disappear.

Rachelle’s other Hot Tips:

Wear a little bit more makeup than usual. This is your time to feel glam!
Take lots of photos. You’ll always get the best shot by taking more than 1 or 2 photos.
Always adjust your photo taking settings to “Square”. This way, you won’t have to crop it after to fit into Instagram and loose half your photo!
Always lift your arms and place them on your hips. With bulky sweaters and coats, this will help show off your figure.
Practice your best angles in the mirror. Practice makes perfect!

Please tag us @style_canada on Instagram in your Holiday pics, and let us know how these tips helped step up your #selfie game!

Enjoy this wonderful time of year,
Rachelle Xo

Contributor: Rachelle Gill
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Rachelle Gill has been working in the professional beauty industry for almost 15 years. Her passions of personal style and all things beauty, have inspired her to share her expertise on a digital level. Her Blog, The Grey Rose,  focuses on individual style, current beauty and modern lifestyle.
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