How To Use Hot Rollers

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Once upon a time we thought that hot rollers were only for grannies and librarians. Lonely old ladies who just didn’t know there were easier ways to get cute curls. Turns out, grannies and librarians are pretty darn intelligent and hot rollers are both simple and effective. Here is a guide that’s great for both first-timers as well as the advanced users.

Hair prep is so important when working with any hot tool. Before we start, we like to spray the hair from root to tip with Ouai Memory Mist which protects the hair from heat but it also memorizes the hair shape and holds it in place until it’s washed out. It is amazing for setting a style and doesn’t weigh down hair like some thicker hairsprays can. If your hair is thin, it’s also great to spritz your roots with Sure Thik Root Thickening Mist. It is heat activated and you can feel and see the thickening effect it has to give your roots a boost.
Simple and gorgeous, we love T3’s Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe set. These are beautiful but also have great features like an aluminum core and embedded ceramic heaters. This set comes with eight rollers and eight crease-free clips. Divide your hair into eight sections starting with you on the top and three on each side. Make sure to comb your hair out and hold it straight away from your head so when you roll up the hair it rolls right up to your roots. Slide the roller 3/4 of the way down your hair length and wrap the ends around, tuck them and roll to the top. Clip in place.

Leave the rollers in for 10 minutes for soft waves or up to 30 minutes for strong defined. This is a great time to apply your makeup! Then simply unravel and finger style to get the look you want. The Memory Mist that we applied before we began will hold your hair style but if you feel it’s necessary you can add a light spray of your favorite hairspray.That’s it! Super easy, right? We hope you try this because it’s such a fantastic way to get curls and waves and just as simple as using a curling wand or iron!

Contributor: Lindsey Oele

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