Capture The Essence

Walk into a room and what do you feel? Our surroundings affect our everyday life. That’s everything from the furnishings and décor to the company we keep.

In order to set the stage for your lifestyle you need to know a few things about yourself and others that are sharing that space with you. There is always a starting point when creating your dream space. Could be a framed photo from years gone by, a special pillow from your youth, a diamond that shines like your inner self or a colour that sparks that feeling you love. Take that piece and build from there.

Bedrooms were once only for sleeping. Now our bedrooms have become havens for restful sleeps, dressing rooms, and peaceful seating areas to enjoy company with that special someone or more importantly yourself. These bedrooms were designed to give someone a luxurious resting area. Using bedding that’s smoothing and soft to the touch. The serene colour combination sets the stage for a calming environment.

The dressing area in both these rooms is enhanced by the addition of a seating area to enjoy time to rejuvenate yourself. The artwork and décor is an expression of ones personal flair. Use momentos or spent the day shopping for finishing accents that give you the feel you will appreciate. Remember quality transends many years, purchase quality not quantity.

Life is short. I only want to walk into rooms that light up my world. How about you?

Contributor: Mary Gasbarrino
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Mary Gasbarrino is the Home Curator for Decorate In Style Inc., a home design company  in Niagara. Through her passion of decorating she started Decorate In Style Inc., to transform houses into homes through staging, re-design plans and in flipping. Her team of professionals collaborates with you to create a space to suit your lifestyle.

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