#BeautyFind: AG Hair Natural Nourish Mask


Welcome to #BeautyFind Friday, otherwise known as your new #BFF. Every Friday, STYLE’s Digital Editor, Anastasia Barbuzzi, presents you with a #BeautyFind to help you enjoy a weekend of self-love and care like no other. But this week, EIC Elise Gasbarrino is taking over to proclaim her love for a new #BeautyFind she couldn’t wait to share with STYLE readers. Beauty insiders, get ready to delight in your next Add to Cart item. This edition features AG Hair.

I have never appreciated those in the beauty industry more then I have during COVID. My attempts to do my own manicures, waxing and hair cuts have all failed miserably. My hair has felt beyond dry, so when AG Hair reached out with their Deep Conditioning Nourish Mask, I requested to try it.

First impressions:

The PACKAGING! Apparently I am a sucker for good branding. This is only my second #BFF review and both times this is what struck me. The AG Hair line has a sleek feel and this packaging was no different with its pale pink/nude colour. Second thing I noticed was the smell: subtle with a rosemary-mint undertone.

I also love that AG Hair is based in Vancouver and this product was vegan, silicone-free and cruelty free too.

Talkin’ specifics:

We fill our bodies with nourishing ingredients to help replenish and stay healthy, so why not extend that same regimen to our hair? This product uses snow mushroom in its deep conditioning treatment — a vegan superfood smoothie for hair formulated with over 98 perfect plant-based and naturally-derived ingredients.

It’s full of mango butter, avocado, carrot, pumpkin, chia seed and coconut oils, which are blended in a rich, creamy shea butter base that restores dryness and helps hair feel soft. Snow mushroom, the hero ingredient, has been used for thousands of years in ancient Chinese medicine; holding up to 500 times its weight in water, this superfood extract delivers intense hydration.

The experience:

I washed my hair using my usual products and massaged the mask into a clean, wet head. They say to leave it on for a minimum of five minutes or longer for intense conditioning. I decided to take this to the extreme and left mine on for about an hour as I took calls. 

The verdict:

Two days later and my hair still feels soft and smells lovely. The price is also great. Depending on your hair length and texture, I would say you could get six to eight uses out of the 5 oz option.

The Nourish Mask is available for purchase online through aghair.com and amazon.com 

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