We are amazed at what artists can create, especially artists who create one of a kind pieces that become conversation starters in our homes.

Take woven wall art for example: Macramé has thirteenth century origins. Arab artisans and weavers would use excess yarn and thread to hand-loom fabrics, adding a lovely fringe to shawls, towels and veils.

For centuries, the handwoven textile has made a name for itself, popping up in different regions of the world. And after finding its way to the west, woven wall art became a major trend in North American homes.

Needless to say, with every piece of woven thread, there’s an interesting story to be told, new conversations to be had, and a space on your wall to brighten up your home.

Check out 10 woven masterpieces we love below. 

This unique macramé mirror piece will be a hit on your new and improved gallery wall.

Like waves crashing along the shore, this modern piece has merino sheep’s wool woven neatly between knotted patterns to mimic the essence of rushing water.

Made of hundreds of sustainable thread strands, this lovely handwoven wall hanging is one for the taking.

This geometric wall hanging will surely turn heads.

All the boho feels are felt in this woven piece. Choose the colour combination of your choice to bring peace, love and happiness into your home.

You can find us hiding away in the desert, miles away from ordinary life, staring into this beautifully crafted piece.

We love the simple yet intricate design of this “purity” wall hanging.

This hand-knotted macramé hanging features a chevron pattern with fringed strands and natural wood.

A very merry macrame tapestry, this work of art is made with the finest handpicked Egyptian cotton cord which is durable, soft and beautiful.

Picture yourself lying underneath the stars, the faint moon cascading down on you, with this golden moon piece to help you dream…

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