These WFH Desk Essentials Will Help You Be More Productive

Has WFH life got you in a tizzy yet? If you’ve felt disorganized or like you’ve had a loose grip on time, maybe its time to adjust your work environment. And by “work environment”, we mean your desk.
Ever since our laptops have found permanent places in our bedrooms, kitchens and dining tables, we’ve learned to readjust our surroundings when they get stale. We’ve also learned that the more the days flow into each other, the more we have to switch things up to avoid boredom and burnout.
Plus, we’ve found that adding a couple of items that bring us comfort, like a warm mug of coffee, and encouragement (ditto on the coffee), can make all the difference in the trajectory of our work day. Not to mention, items that help us focus on the task at hand, like a trusty pair of blue light glasses.
That said, for as much as we like to feel cozy in our workspaces, keeping them clean and organized has become key to successfully working from home as well. Having room to move and breathe is extremely important, as feelings of overwhelm can hinder productivity.
Here, STYLE Desk members Aleah Balas, Melaina Gasbarrino and Annie Flintoft share their die-hard desk essentials and how they help them through their workday.

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deskside essentials

Aleah’s deskside essentials

Water: Though I have struggled with drinking water for most of my life, I have found that having a big vessel with a straw on my desk at all times has made me drink so much more. Plus, being hydrated makes me so much more energetic and my mind is so much clearer. There is nothing better than a sip of crisp, icy water and my YETI ensures that it stays cold throughout the workday.
Coloured Pens from Papermate: Though I have been praised for being organized by many of my superiors and co-workers in the past, it comes with a price. Being organized for me means many things, but my mind does not work in monochrome. Everything needs to be colour coded, especially my planner. Having colour association helps me visualize my day more effectively and decipher my work and home life perfectly.
Coffee from Pilot Roasters: A tea drinker at heart, I have recently been experimenting with different streams of caffeine and coffee has been a lifesaver. I am a repeated offender of half-drank beverages but if the coffee is good, it always gets finished. Because much of my job involves listening to our podcast episodes to edit them, I find so much pleasure in having a great cup of coffee in hand to get in a great headspace.


deskside essentials

Melaina’s desk essentials

Blue light glasses: Wherever my laptop is, my blue light glasses are never far behind. Constantly being in front of a screen makes me extra sleepy, and I find that by using my blue lights, I feel a bit more energized after a long day ‘in the office’.
A sturdy desk: I used to work at the kitchen table, on the couch, or anywhere I could bring my laptop. Now having a designated WFH space in my new ‘office room’ has allowed me to focus when I need to and shut the door when I just want a break from all the tasks piling up.
Plants: Every home in my house has an indoor plant in it, and my office space is no different. Plants give off positive energy and good vibes, and when they’re in your space they make you feel as if you’re outside, taking in the fresh air.
deskside essentials

Annie’s desk essentials

Blue light glasses: Spending hours in front of a screen makes my eyes really tired and sore, and my blue light glasses have been an absolute lifesaver for this!

Wireless mouse: Working on my laptop all day tends to make my hands sore, especially using a trackpad. Having a wireless mouse has been a game-changer for my work, as it gives me way more control and has made working on a laptop much easier.

Water: My Swell water bottle is a must. It reminds me to stay hydrated throughout the day and keeps my water ice cold.


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