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While there are a number of funds and initiatives set up to offer support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, it’s important to acknowledge the financial burden many people are carrying as a result of the pandemic. 

Here are five ways to show support for the #BLM movement compiled by @mariaxcamille, with little to no monetary involvement. Like the poster below reads: “Being an ally doesn’t stop when we are in a bind financially”.


1. Watch 

With more time to digest TV shows and movies in quarantine, why not consume content that will expand your knowledge of the #BLM Movement and actively listen to the stories of the Black community? Here’s a few to add to your playlist:


2. Read

It’s never a bad idea to pick up a book and start reading, especially when it gives you a chance to be away from anxiety-inducing social news feeds. From personal essays to biographies, here’s a few non-fiction recommendations from Black Lives Matter: 



Additional resources:

3. Sign

To create meaningful and lasting change for Black lives, it will take action on every level of government, worldwide. Whether you’re at home or halfway across the globe, signing online petitions is one of the most straightforward methods of showing your support. 



4. Follow

If you’re an avid reader of STYLE Canada, there’s a chance you found and followed us on Instagram. To stay connected and be an ally to the Black community can be something as simple as a follow or a like.

Follow these accounts on Instagram:



5. Show Up

Last but not least, show up. 

  • Acknowledge Black people by including them in your dialogue. 
  • Make conversation with your friends and family about racism and how to better support the Black community. 
  • Speak up, but not about yourself – this isn’t a time for that. 
  • Remember that this isn’t a time to feel rewarded or to reward others for doing the bare minimum. White people and non-Black people of colour have a duty as human beings to put in the work.
  • Doing the work isn’t limited to right now – it should be an ongoing act.

Like @mariaxcamille said: the Black people in your social circles do not own the responsibility of keeping non-Black people of colour and white people informed. Every person must hold themselves accountable for deep-rooted, racial injustice.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking critically about how to use your social media platforms to amplify Black voices. Make use of Instagram’s ‘Support Small Business’ sticker to promote Black-owned businesses. Download the Google Chrome extension ‘Progressive Shopper’ to make informed and conscious spending decisions based on brands’ political contributions. Stop patronizing causes you don’t believe in.


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