Source: @kaitmackenzi
Source: @kaitmackenzi


#TrendingInVancouver: Statement Sunglasses

This week on our #TrendingIn Series, we’re looking at Vancouver fashion trends! Do you need a statement accessory to spice up your outfit this summer? Not to worry, because we’ve got you covered! We just can’t get over how chic these statement sunglasses are! Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun, but they also make you look super classy and sophisticated. If you’re ever on the lookout for a cute pair of statement sunglasses, here is some fashion inspo from these top Vancouver-based influencers! Don’t forget to show us how you style your statement sunglasses by using the hashtags #TrendingInVancouver and #TrendingInCanada!

Rectangular Frame

Source: @_gellromen #TrendingInVancouver: Statement Sunglasses

Source: @_gellromen

Nothing like a good old pair of black sunglasses! These rectangular frames are a total fashion statement. These have also been super trendy lately and in all honestly, we’re not mad about it! The rectangular shape instantly gives that “model-off-duty” look. To take your outfit up a notch, throw on a pair of these statement sunglasses and you’re ready to head out the door!

Tinted Aviator Style

Source: @rinasamantha #TrendingInVancouver: Statement Sunglasses

Source: @rinasamantha

Aren’t these just the coolest sunglasses ever! To change things up a bit, rather than reaching for your classic pair of black sunglasses, why not go for some tinted frames instead? We can’t get enough of these orange-tinted aviator frames! These statement sunglasses are rounded in shape and overall, they will definitely catch your eye as they’re so incredibly unique.


Source: @kaitmackenzi

Source: @kaitmackenzi

You can never go wrong with these cat-eye statement sunglasses! These frames are elongated at the corners to give the face a more lifted, sculpted look. To spice up your outfit this summer, throw on a pair of these and you’ll instantly look so chic!

Gold Rimmed

Source: @kearachung

Source: @kearachung

Next up are these gold-rimmed, statement sunglasses! I have to say, these are one of our all-time favourites as they have the power to elevate an outfit in a subtle, modern way. Especially for those who love their black sunglasses but are also looking to take it up a notch, these gold-rimmed frames are the perfect option for you!

Girls’ Day

Source: @mchlld

Source: @mchlld

Friends who wear the same-style sunglasses together, stay together! Totally obsessed with these looks! Specifically, we love how monochromatic these looks are with the white sunglasses paired with the predominantly white outfit, and the black sunglasses paired with the black crop top. So fun and so chic!

For some further fashion inspo, check out our previous #TrendingIn piece!

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