#TrendingInCanada: Dad Jeans - STYLE Canada


Over the past few years, the skinny jean silhouette that dominated the early to mid 2000s has officially become a thing of the past. Fashionistas far and wide are ditching figure-hugging denim in favour of looser-fitting styles. The mom jean, which rose to popularity in the last decade, has been replaced by its masculine counterpart: the dad jean. Characterized as a light wash, loose fitting, denim pant that your old man may have rocked when you were a kid, dad jeans are the perfect combination of comfort and cool.

Need some inspiration when it comes to styling your new #dadjeans? Here’s a list of our favourite looks from last week.

1. Classic Convenience


2. Cropped To A Tee


3. Sassy Split Seam


4. Bundled Up Babe


5. Sheer Perfection


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