#Trending In North America: Platform Shoes - STYLE Canada


In recent years platform shoes have become all the rage. From loafers to sandals or funky heels, platform shoes come in all shapes and sizes. They combine comfort and functionality which makes them the perfect for those long summer days full of fun and adventure.

This comfy yet fashionable style of footwear is a great way to add dimension and height to your outfits this summer. Take a look at how these five creators are styling their platforms this year.

How are you styling your platform shoes this summer? Show us on Instagram by using the hashtag #TrendingInNorthAmerica and #TrendingInCanada!

Exit Stage Left

@lizzi.jpg via Instagram

Simple yet classy

@nazjaa via Instagram

Casual Stroll

@izzipoopi via Instagram

Life Imitates Art

@yumekacaka via Instagram

Taking in the sites

@miks_pics via Instagram

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