#Trending In Canada: Double-Breasted Blazers - STYLE Canada


If you thought winter was on its way out, think again. The snow is still falling, the rain is still pouring, and the wind is still blasting. So, while we patiently await spring’s arrival, let’s take a moment to appreciate the most underrated trend of the winter season: the double-breasted blazer. It knocked the traditional, tuxedo-style blazer out of the park, providing a more fitted silhouette compared to its boxier, less-structured, single-breasted brother. Not only does a blazer instantly transform any outfit into a powerhouse of a look, it doubles as an extra protective layer from the cold too. Best of all, a double-breasted blazer always means business.

With that, scroll to have a look at Canadian influencers that completely #bossedup this trend.

1. Checks, Please!


2. No Shirt? No problem


3. Mr. Sophisticated


4. Timeless Classic


5. Clad In Plaid


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