If there’s a lesson to be learned from the fall fashion trends we’ve seen so far, its that cheetah print is hotter than ever.

Canadian fashionistas are ushering in the new season by making cheetah print the star of every outfit, spicing things up while the temperatures cool outside.

For as counterintuitive as it sounds, cheetah is an extremely versatile pattern paired with bold colours and pressed onto everything from skirts to leggings to jackets and dresses.

Turn up the heat on your #OOTD with a little cheetah print like the ladies wearing our favourite looks of the past week below.

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1. Cozy Casual

2. Workout Ready

3. Business As Usual

4. Top Layer Magic

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I think we sometimes forget people around us are multi faceted yet we expect everyone we meet (strangers included lol) to understand that we have many sides ourselves… You can be interested in fashion and also like science, you can be a welder and a mom, you can embrace your sexuality and be a religious person. What I’m trying to say is that the existence of one of these interests/qualities does not mean there is inherently a lack of another. When we judge people solely on how we perceive them, we’re potentially missing out on learning something valuable or gaining a brand new perspective. If we can begin to dive into why we judge people in these smaller ways, we can slowly understand that we also do this with more complex areas of life… You can be all things you want to be and if someone else has a problem with that, that sounds like it’s their problem and they haven’t opened their minds yet in that way. You never know, by being yourself you may inspire someone else to explore and express themselves a little more❤️

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5. From Head To Toe

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