This Skin Treatment Will Keep the Skin Hydrated Throughout the Winter

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One of the most common beauty concerns during the cold months is dry, flaky skin.  Dr. Numb, B.C based Canadian topical anesthetic company reveals the secret to get a radiant skin during this winter.

The winter months are coming, and for many this means weeks and weeks of dry, irritated skin, and applying enormous amounts of creams with no visible effect. Mesotherapy has been long considered a go-to treatment for skin rejuvenation, but another, possibly even bigger benefit, is that several sessions of the Mesotherapy can leave the skin glowing and hydrated for weeks. Dr.Numb, the leading topical anesthetic cream brand, explores the benefits of the treatment and the precautions that need to be taken.

The aggressive environmental factors, like cold wind, rain and snow, result in that the skin starts looking dull and gets overly dry, which may lead to irritations. The creams and serums penetrate only the upper layers of skin, which in case of extreme dryness is simply not enough.

This is when the mesotherapy comes in. This skin treatment uses a cocktail of products, such as hyaluronic acid, to improve different aspects of the skin. For long-lasting hydratation effect, it is usually recommended to take a course of 4 sessions on a weekly basis. The treatment then can be repeated after several months to maintain the effect.

During the treatment, the cocktail is injected into the skin at around 1mm depth using a needle or a mesogun. This drastically improves the effect of the active ingredients, first because they are delivered to the optimal depth for a skin to absorb, and secondly because slight poking of the skin provokes the production of collagen, which enhances the overall rejuvenating effect.

What are the risks?

In general, mesotherapy is referred as a safe procedure, although just as any skincare treatment that involves injections or skin poking, some extra safety measures need to be taken.

Before the start of the treatment, the skin needs to be thoroughly disinfected to prevent any possibility of the inflammation. Dr.Numb Disinfectant Foam Soap has a balanced formula of 4% Lidocaine, 0.25% of Benzethonium Chloride and other inactive ingredients. It contains cleansing and anti-infective properties to wash away dirt and bacteria, to prevent any kind of skin infection, making it even better than just being clean.

After the skin was disinfected, the numbing cream needs to be applied to the whole area. The injection process can be a bit painful, and keeping in mind the aesthetician will make several hundreds of those microscopic injections, the topical anesthetic is a must. The strong formula of Dr.Numb Numbing Cream makes effect already after 10-20 minutes, and can last for up to an hour.

The aftercare is just as important as the treatment itself: at the end of the session, the aesthetician will apply a healing cream and strong SPF cream and consult on any aftercare precautions.

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