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Marion Willis, is the Founder and Executive Director, St. Boniface Street Links and Morberg House (Winnipeg). She feels like the universe aligned so she could be a catalyst for change. As the founder of St. Boniface Street Links in Winnipeg, she’s been an advocate for the homeless for 40 years. Her goal is to change how we treat vulnerable people in our communities, how we understand and address mental health and addiction, and to give a voice to those who otherwise go unheard.

Images courtesy of Timelapse Films | Bar designs by Gosia Komorski

Marion has been selected as one of five highlighted women in Hershey Canada’s #HERFORSHE campaign with the goal of making more women visible and spotlighting the communities they serve. The campaign features limited-edition, not-for-sale chocolate bar designs by Toronto artist Gosia Komorski that celebrate women’s stories—including Marion’s—as well as a partnership with Girl Up.

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