signs you are wearing too much makeup
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Signs You Are Wearing Too Much Makeup

If you go back in history to the time of Cleopatra, women were using makeup to have their best features shown; this included the enhancement of their natural beauty to put their femininity out there. The point is that makeup was invented to help women feel beautiful!

 Throughout time, makeup has varied in style, color, and quantity. Pondering red lips was thought to be sexy for women back in the 1960s (this one is on Marilyn Monroe). During the 1980s, makeup became more theatrical due to the rage of punk rock; it consisted of neon pink lipstick, oodles of eyeshadow, and a very bold blush.

In today’s modern world, makeup has become more down-to-earth. Today the trend is to wear makeup that makes you look as though you were not wearing any at all. You want the makeup that you wear today to appear as natural and balanced as you can unless, of course, you happen to be going out on a stage.

Tip: If you are going to wear a bold dark shade of lipstick, take it easy on your eye makeup. However, if you are going to be wearing dark eye makeup, then you should wear lipstick that is a shade of nude, with a blush that is a neutral color.

signs you are wearing too much makeup

Source: Style Canada

Here is a list of things that indicate you are wearing too much makeup:

  • People Can’t Recognize You Without Makeup
  • Your Makeup Bag is a Backpack
  • Clothes Always Get Stained by Makeup
  • White Circles Around Eyes from Primer Use
  • Must Use Bronzer Everywhere to Make Skin the Same Color
  • Applying Makeup Frequently Makes You Late for Work
  • Makeup Removal Takes Over 15 Minutes
  • Daily Drag Queen or Neon Eye Shadow
  • Mascara Becomes a Clumpy Mess
  • Your Teeth Have Lipstick Stains


People Can’t Recognize You Without Makeup

Just so you know, if people cannot recognize you when you are not wearing any makeup – then you are overdoing the makeup! This applies to those who put on their makeup as soon as they get out of bed. They do this while still in their sleepwear, whether planning on going out that day or not.

They do not bother to do anything else with their makeup until time to go to bed that night. That is when they finally remove all of the makeup put on earlier that day. This means that no one ever sees them without makeup, including those who live with them.

Your Makeup Bag is a Backpack

Have you ever weighed your makeup bag? When you pick it up, is it heavier than your purse? If you have more than one of the same things in your bag, uh-huh, that’s a true sign that you have been wearing too much makeup.

Clothes Always Get Stained by Makeup

It really doesn’t make any difference if you put your makeup on prior to getting dressed or afterward. But if you have your heart set on putting your makeup on before dressing, at least consider wearing a top that can open the front. Otherwise, your collar will not only smudge up your makeup but also stain the collar (more so if it has been poured on).

Sneezing can be a huge drawback, and coughing can be, too, as you will raise your arm up to catch both, and now you have a hideous blog of makeup on your sleeve to be seen.

wearing too much makeup stains clothes

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White Circles Around Eyes from Primer Use


Primer is one of the best products you can use to enhance the eyes, as well as to cover those bags under them. Before applying your eye shadow, mascara, or eyeliner, you want to first put some primer around the eyes.

A lot of people tend to put on far too much primer. Yes, it’s true. Primer does work effectively at covering the bags, including any dark circles. However, if too much primer is used, the results will give the appearance that there are white rings circling your eyes. This does nothing to help enhance your eye makeup, and neither is it at all attractive.

Must Use Bronzer Everywhere to Make Skin the Same Color


Listen up, girls, one of the mistakes that many of you make is with the bronzer. It is not intended to use all over; mainly, it should be used to set off your cheekbones. If you feel that it is necessary to put bronzer all over you, this is another sign that you wear too much makeup.

wearing too much bronzer

Source: Adore Beauty

Applying Makeup Frequently Makes You Late for Work

Some people can wake up and be ready for work in less than 30 minutes. This includes a shower, fixing their hair, getting dressed, and putting on their makeup. But if you are one of those people who takes 30 minutes or more to apply your makeup,

This means that you are either putting your makeup on wrong and having to remove it and reapply over and over, or it could be that you are simply putting far too much on. You have the option of getting out of bed earlier to have more time for your makeup, or you could choose another option, which is to use less makeup so you can sleep a little longer.


Makeup Removal Takes Over 15 Minutes


Lets keep it real, it should not take as long for you to remove your makeup as it takes for you to apply it. So, if this is the case, then you are wearing too much. You can use makeup remover on the face and removal cream around the eyes to remove eye makeup, and it shouldn’t take 5 minutes or so. However, if these two steps take you over 15 minutes, it is definitely a sign that you wear too much makeup, for if it takes you so long to remove all of it, there must be several layers on there.

 Daily Drag Queen or Neon Eye Shadow


Now then, are you one of those people who puts over-the-top eye shadow every day? If you answered yes to that question, stop doing that, that is way more than you need! Wearing simple eye shadow will make more of a difference than all that does. So, girls, keep that in mind when you put your makeup on next time!

too much makeup

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Mascara Becomes a Clumpy Mess


For those out there who weren’t blessed with naturally long thick lashes, there is nothing wrong with putting on false eyelashes or lash extenders or even with laying the mascara on thick. Furthermore, you are encouraged to use what works for you on your lashes in order to enhance your eyes.

There is a drawback to applying too much makeup as it is visible to others when you overkill on your makeup. Not to mention, too much will clump up and make you appear to have been in a very scary film.


Your Teeth Have Lipstick Stains

The embarrassing experiences that many women have had were the times when someone else mentioned they had lipstick on their teeth.

The following are several reasons that this can happen:

Their lipstick was too thick.
Their lipstick was too dark.
They are either biting on their lips, or they’re licking their lips which is why it gets on the teeth.

Anytime you are wearing lipstick that is bold in its color, you have to pay more attention to what you do with your lips. Your lipstick smears easily and also can stain. When wearing too much makeup, that person’s confidence can become lower than it is normally.

Now you cannot say you didn’t realize you wore too much makeup, and you also know the signs of doing so. Could you be guilty of one of the signs listed? I know that sometimes I am guilty of a few of these signs; which ones are you guilty of?

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