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Welcome to our favourite TikToks of the month, where we pick the top five videos that had us bursting out with laughter and wanting more. From relatable content to hilarious videos we sent to our friends, you’ll be able to see what TikToks we were loving while keeping up with the latest online trends! Be sure to follow us on TikTok at @stylecanada to see our recent posts!

With the sun shining, we’re so ready to hop into the pool this afternoon, and need a little pick-me-up on feeling confident while basking in the sun, all the while taking in a joke or two!

@sahdsimone on Passing Feelings


Stop pathologizing every feeling. If you want to understand more of your inner mechanics, your mental tendencies, and take an overall good and hard look at your body, mind, and heart, take my FREE QUIZ: Spiritual Inventory Of Your Life, 28 questions to help you get to know yourself deeper so you can make REAL, lasting changes. Link in my bio!

♬ original sound – Sah D’Simone

@spencer.barbosa on Bikini Confidence

@debbie.Kilfoyle on Hanging with Your Teens


I love hanging out with my kids but also need to give them space to grow & do their own thing. #parentsofteenagers #momsofteenagers #youngadults

♬ original sound – amber unraveled

@finleighjoy and Cat Besties

@shannbailee and Father Daughter Time

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