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Moving to a New City? Here is How You Can Meet New Friends

Whether you have permanently moved to a new location, or you are on holidays, or are adopting a digital nomad lifestyle, finding yourself in an unfamiliar location with no family or friends can be a huge challenge. Finding people you would want to build relationships with can take up some energy and is obviously time-consuming. If you are traveling and stuck on how you can find friends to hang out with, the following ways can help you meet new people and decide if you want to hang out with them frequently. While the ideas may not be applicable to everybody and on every trip, the list offers some tips to get started and grow your circles.

Local Facebook Groups

When you arrive in a new city, it makes a lot of sense to search for local Facebook groups as they give you an opportunity to meet new people. One can specifically look out for ‘Expats’ or ‘Newcomers’ groups in their new location. In many cases, there are existing and vibrant online communities that you can become part of. You are likely to find general advice on traffic, where to do shopping, hangout joints, and many other recommendations. Facebook groups also have loads of interesting discussions ranging from local politics, job opportunities, and popular culture. While at it, you can post a status update introducing yourself and possibly invite people to grab a cup of coffee. You will be surprised at how many people would turn up, and become your new friends.

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Meetup is a relatively new website where people post get-togethers and events. Once you log in, you can choose events that you are interested in and are based in your location. You have the chance to select events such as hiking, language learning, or book club meetings. If you are visiting Canada, for instance, you might meet a friend who likes to play casino games online. Friends can teach you how to play slots, blackjack or even poker. You will see that winning a bet online is one of the best feelings in the world. In Meetup, you can also set up your own event and invite others to participate.

Pub Quizzes

Pub quizzes are loved by many. It is fun drinking and discussing major world events, trade, history or just any topic that crosses the participant minds. Pub quizzes can be an interesting way to hook up with new friends when on the move. Go to the clubs, approach small or medium-sized teams and ask if you can join them. Most teams will be glad to have you as discussions become better with more brains. While at it, do not be intimidated, you don’t have to be an expert in a certain field to contribute. Keep your focus, if anything, your goal is to make friends!

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Making friends is not easy but it is worth every effort. You may once in a while have to move out of your comfort zone and set yourself out there, which may be hard. Unfortunately, not having friends in a new destination can even be more stressing and depressing. Try using local Facebook groups, use the Meetup app, and attend bar quizzes when you can. Using the above approaches, you can forge new friendships and make your travel and stay worthwhile.


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