A Letter From The Editors: 3 Tangible Commitments We're Making To Do Better - STYLE Canada


We were silent yesterday, reviewing ways to be better advocates and allies to our Black readers. We listened and we learned. Upon reflection, we recognize that we need to step up and make tangible commitments. Those commitments start with the following:


We’ve made a donation to the Black Health Alliance, an organization that works to improve the health and wellbeing of Black communities in Canada. It is a one-time donation, but we’re exploring ways in which we can continue to support similar programs and organizations on a regular basis.


We’ve always strived to represent all communities on STYLE Canada. We realized that we’ve fallen short and it’s no longer enough to ‘strive’. We’re developing internal metrics to ensure that our content represents and relates to minority populations, including but not limited to the Black community.


Spending time educating ourselves is only the beginning of the process. There’ll be constant, conscious reflection and communication amongst our team members to ensure that we are staying true to our commitments. Formally, this will occur on a monthly basis during our team review meetings.

We welcome continued discussion on what more we can do.

We will do better.


The STYLE Canada Team


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