Happy Love Day, love birds. In our He Said, She Said series, we capture everyday moments in relationships accompanied by small anecdotes. Why is this a series on STYLE Canada you ask? Well, to say that we’re a bunch of hopeless romantics might be an understatement, but we’ll wear the title as a badge of honour if it means getting to celebrate and share more stories about all kinds of love. And sometimes, seeing that modern day couples still ritualize things like having coffee together and relaxing in their favourite KOTN loungewear serves as a reminder of how beautiful and valuable relationships truly are. That’s why He Said, She Said is now a ‘thing’.

With that, meet Juliana and Jae: the lovers that made us appreciate having coffee with our significant other and relaxing in our favourite loungewear so much more this Valentine’s Day.

Juliana and Jae photographed by Jenna Wilhelmsen at their home in Trinity Bellwoods wearing their favourite brand, KOTN.

Jahmel (Jae) Edwards, Senior Financial Analyst at CAPCO
Side Hustle: Being Matcha the cat’s dad
Juliana Ciccarelli,Creative Innovation Director at INVIVO
Side hustle: Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder of b:Well, Toronto’s modern wellness club

He Says:

Juliana and I’s average weeks usually include at least one charcuterie board for dinner, multiple trips to our local coffee shop, and depending on the season, playing Super Mario or tennis. Relationship wise, we’re most proud of our ability to balance each other out. We have a strong sense of understanding when the other needs something special whether that be support, patience, honesty, or fun.

She Says:

Jae and I met while we were working at an innovation consulting firm together and had our first ‘friend’ lunch date at Rasta Pasta, which is ironic because he’s Jamaican and I’m Italian. Over the course of our relationship we’ve done a lot of exploring around the world and have come into a love for natural wine.

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