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Fashion & Fundraising: The 19th Annual Cashmere Collection Runway Curated by Jay Manuel in Support of Cancer Awareness

Have you ever admired a public figure for years, met them, and then discovered they’re everything you thought they would be? Enter my experience with Jay Manuel, the Curator behind this year’s 19th Annual Cashmere Collection.    

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Source: photo via Jenn Jevons

The 19th Annual Cashmere Runway Collection: Celestial Awakening

Before gushing any further about Mr. Manuel, allow me to shed some light on the event that had me gasping in my runway side seat.  Twelve ridiculously talented Canadian designers showcased their Cashmere UltraLuxe Bathroom Tissue looks, drawing inspiration from this year’s theme, Celestial Awakening.  Their creativity, interpretation of theme, and skilled artistry were jaw dropping. Just to clarify, we’re talking couture looks using bathroom tissue.  That’s some next level skilled design magic right there.

cashmere collection

Source: CashmereCollection FAUN

Cancer Awareness at the Heart of the Event

A Celebration of Strength, Hope and Compassion, at the heart of this event is cancer awareness and fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) and the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation (QBCF), with a twenty-five-cent donation from the purchase of each specially-marked limited-edition Cashmere UltraLuxe Bathroom Tissue going towards these causes for the month of October.

cashmere collection

Source: ViewtheVibe Magazine

Jay Manuel, The Collection’s Curator

The Collection Curator with the mostess, I sat with Jay Manuel to discuss his thoughts on the collection, his personal connection to cancer and his roots growing up in Toronto. Dapper, kind, hilarious, creative, wise, and impeccably dressed (I mean…) are just a sampling of words I’d use to describe this fashion icon.    And I couldn’t sit beside Jay and not ask him about his thoughts on current fall fashion.  I also couldn’t not touch his shirt.  Ooops.  **Watch me inappropriately play with Jay’s shirt and catch the full interview below.**

jay manuel

Source: Holr Magazine

Vote on Celestial Awakening and Donate to Cancer Causes

Want to be a fashion show judge AND support cancer fundraising?  Yes, you can do both in one click. Go to to view this year’s Celestial Awakening Collection and cast your vote.  With every vote, Cashmere will donate $1 to CCS and QBCF, up to a maximum of $15,000.  You can also win $1,500 CAD or a year supply of Cashmere UltraLuxe bathroom tissue by casting a vote.

Happy voting and donating!

You can catch the full interview with Jay Manuel on our Youtube Channel!

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