Designer Holiday Spotlight: Stee J of by blaqdoor

We came across by blaqdoor a couple months ago and were immediately drawn to their luxe design and the fact that each piece is cut and hand sewn at a Queen Street atelier (at under $200 they make the perfect holiday gift!). So we asked Founder and Designer Stee J to tell us a bit more about the brands story and design philosophy. You can shop the collection here

Tell us a little about your story. 
I started out in the creative industry of advertising. Giving brands a personality and a point of view is where I really found a passion for the way brands are able to tell a story through their designs.

Tell us about the inspiration for the collection.
The collection was inspired by purposeful delicate beauty. An idea of the fragility of a butterfly, combined with the elegance and vibrancy in its colours. Essentially I wanted to create a beautiful minimalist piece of jewelry that deeply believes it’s an item of clothing. – Ultimately compounding the two worlds together.

Tell us about the design process.
When choosing colour tones I consider the emotions and flavors that I want the timepieces to convey and the latest trends in fashion that I’d like the cuffwear to compliment. Asking questions like ‘What colour represents Thursday?’ or ‘What does purple taste like?’ Each piece is cut and hand sewn from a Queen Street atelier and adorned with sterling silver or polished brass end jewels.

Your line is designed in Toronto, tell us why you choose this city.
Toronto is an inclusive and expressive city, which is precisely what by blaqdoor aims to portray in its designs.

What motives you?
The notion that tomorrow is compulsory, so today is a must.

What do you find most challenging about operating your own business?
There never seems to be enough days in the week.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?
Be selective with whom you take advice from. As you continue to grow, opinions will fly from every direction, but continue to hold your vision tightly to your chest. Value only the direction from those who are already at the podium you’re aiming to reach.

What has been your most fulfilling experience so far?
Having the opportunity to work with Fashion Heals for SickKids Hospital. To provide a beautiful gift to beautiful souls makes designing all worth it.

Favorite place to shop across the globe.
This may sound bias, since I was born and raised there, but I have to say London England. Each corner of the city has its own style, dialect, sound and culture and it’s constantly evolving!

What does ‘Style’ mean to you?
To me, I see ‘Style’ as a universal language in which you are able to silently hint to the world who you are.

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