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Retailers aren’t the only ones competing in the busiest shopping season to date – Canadians are going to have to adopt the motto of “the early bird gets the worm” in order to score Black Friday deals this year according to Nicole McKnight, Public Relations Manager at global comparison site

Nearly one in three Canadians (32 per cent) require deep discounts of 50 per cent or more to buy this Black Friday. Thought 12.8 million Canadians (42 per cent) plan to spend an average of $362, four in 10 say no discount will sway them to buy at all.

Interestingly, 34 per cent of women will only shop for discounts of 50 per cent or more while 30 per cent of men say the same.

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As a result of the social distancing restrictions placed on indoor (and even outdoor) crowds to prevent the spread of COVID-19, “door crasher” sales will be non-existent – shopping carts are going digital this year and the large majority of consumers will be checking out on their laptops and smartphones.

According to Finder, most Canadians are looking to bag deals for tech, makeup, and sports goods this coming Black Friday. Some of the most popular products include gadgets such as the Switch and PS4, while some of the most popular brands include Sephora, Lululemon, Nintendo and Apple.

“This new report confirms what we already suspected – that Canadians are looking for deep discounts this holiday sales season,” McKnight said. “It’s belt tightening brought on by the economic uncertainty of the pandemic, combined with Canadians looking for key deal days like Black Friday to get them more bang for their reduced budget.”

The best way to score big deals this Black Friday? Do your research early and be ready to hit “Complete your Purchase” at a moment’s notice unless you want to be faced with an “Out of Stock” notification later.

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