honey brown hairstyles
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Best Honey Brown Hair Style Ideas

Honey brown hair is the perfect color for fall. It’s warm, inviting, and works well with a variety of skin tones. So if you’re looking for a new hair style that will take your style up a notch, check out these honey brown hair ideas. From sleek bob cuts to voluminous curls, there’s a style for everyone. And don’t forget to add some honey brown highlights to finish off the look!

honey brown hairstyles

Source: Love Hairstyles

15 Ideas for Honey Brown Hairstyles

Medium Brown Straight Hair

For medium brown hair, when you add honey brown to the tips of your hair, you will show off all the best parts if you add in a hat and then your favorite sunglasses to get an edgy style that is sure to impress anyone.

Honey Brown Hairstyle for Brown Eye Women

Want your brown eyes to pop? Go for a honey brown hair color. When you turn your hair into a cute pixie cut with wispy bangs, you get a layered look that is easy to maintain and flirty.

Honey Brown Thin Hairstyle

If you have thin hair, then turn it honey brown. You can wear it parted on the side or in the center, with a cute headband, or even down, and you will have a fantastic look that goes with anything.

Honey Brown Hair w/ Blue Eyes

Honey brown contrasts beautifully with the light color of blue eyes. Take and curl the ends and add straight bangs to show off the color and your eyes.

Honey Brown Hair on Dark Skin

You can also pull off honey brown if you are dark-skinned, you do not always have black hair. Honey brown will provide a real boost for a glow-up to your dark skin.

Curly Light Honey Brown Hair

Long brown hair is something that most people love. You will get a beautiful hair color when you add just a little bit of honey brown as balayage or highlights. Wear it half up and curled if you want a dressed-up or casual style.

Caramel Honey Brown Hair

If you are tired of your brown hair and want to go to a lighter color, then think about trying honey caramel brown. It is a warmer shade that is great for brightening up your complexion and looks great if you have wavy hair.

Dark Honey Brown Hair Idea

Dark honey brown in a half French braid updo is a stylish and sophisticated style you can wear on your everyday errands or if you are going out with the girls.

Natural Honey Brown Hairstyles

If you have natural honey brown as your hair color, then you are lucky, and there is nothing you need to do. But, if not, add some highlights or balayage, and your color will look beautiful and natural on curly hair.

Beyonce Brown Honey Hair

honey brown hairstyles on beyonce

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Not only is Queen Bee a title that she wears when it comes to anything pop related, but one thing to add to her title is that Beyonce is the queen of honey brown hair.

Highlights on Chestnut Hair

 If used as highlights, honey brown is the one color that will look amazing against any base color.

Honey Brown Hair with Ponytail

If you are looking to spice up your look, adventurous style queens can combine different tones of honey brown in your hair.

Hilary Duff Goes Dark Honey Brown

Even though when you think of Hilary Duff is often that incredible platinum blonde, those honey colored locks are still a treasured memory. Still incorporating the blonde tones, the color is excellent for natural brunettes who want to grow out a light-colored dye job.

Jessica Alba Honey Brown Hair

honey brown hairstyles jessica alba

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If you want a shiny and sleek honey brown like Jessica Alba, then it is best to use Shine Serum by Sachajuan to get a similar result.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Classic Honey Brown Hair

honey brown hairstyles sarah jessica parker carrie bradshaw

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If you remember Sex and the City, you know that Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair has been a golden shade for years. It looks great on Carrie Bradshaw so you will love it.

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