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This February, we started a brand new series on STYLE Canada#BeautyFind Friday, otherwise known as your new #BFF. Every Friday, STYLE editor Anastasia Barbuzzi will present you with a #BeautyFind to help you enjoy a weekend of self-love and care like no other. She’s all over the green beauty scene and on #BeautyFind Fridays, she’ll be giving you the inside scoop on products and brands that are changing the space, and one’s you’ve just gotta try. Full permission to begin daydreaming about your next *add to cart* item.


First off, let’s get one thing straight: there’s no finer brow pencil than Kimiko Beauty’s Super Fine Eyebrow Pencil Automatique. For the tiniest, most natural-looking, drawn-on strands of hair that will unintentionally light up your Instagram feed with comments reading, ‘brrrrooowwwwwwwss!’, there’s truly no substitute. And if you enjoy the stares of incredulous girlfriends that remain unconvinced over the fact that you actually use a pencil to enhance your brows, keep reading to discover your new #BFF.


First impressions: The size and weight of Kimiko Beauty’s brow pencil resembles a mechanical pencil; it takes up zero space in your cosmetic bag and has a cap that protects a quality, hair-like spoolie brush at one end. The colour of the outer packaging and pencil couldn’t be any cuter, (purple is my favourite colour), and shade names are neatly printed on each box: latte, coffee, and black tea.

Talkin’ specifics: Kimiko means energy, beauty, and youth. The brand’s Japanese ethos embodies ‘simplicity rooted in deeper purpose’, which is exactly what supermodel founder and professional makeup artist Danielle Vincent (pictured below) achieved with Kimiko Beauty’s innovative formulas and smart packaging. You can do more with less when you have the right products, like a brow pencil with a skin-loving ingredient list containing vitamin E, squalene, and jojoba. Kimiko Beauty’s low-oil formula balances the warmth and depth of its shades perfectly. It also withstands heat and humidity, (a.k.a brow melt), and its twist-up precision point makes for easy application. Plus, its cruelty and paraben-free too. Shade guide as follows:

Latte – A neutral warm taupe for fair hair and blondes
Coffee – A universal brown for dark blondes and brunettes
Black tea – A soft grey-black for dark hair and salt and pepper


The experience: There’s few things worse than ending up with an oversaturated brow that you have no time or patience to remove. Who wants to deal with a brow pencil that bleeds onto the skin as easy as butter melts on toast? Not I. And I’m going to assume that you, dear #BFF reader, don’t either. Thankfully, Kimiko Beauty’s brow pencil is thin, light, and dry enough to build on as you desire. The strokes that come off this pencil live up to its name – they’re not just fine, they’re #superfine. The ‘coffee’ pencil suits my dark brown hair so well with its ashy, neutral undertone that I seriously cannot tell the difference between a drawn on strand and a real one, particularly in patchy areas. This I Spy challenge becomes even harder once I comb out majority of my hard work with a spoolie brush that’s the furthest thing from wiry and abrasive. Every application reveals a soft, feathery brow that’s also defined. Gives the face some structure, ya know?

The verdict: The Kimiko Beauty eyebrow pencil makes ‘fleeky’ yet natural-looking brows realistic using minimal effort. Its ingredients are safe and good for the skin as well. What more could you ask for in a brow pencil? Beats me, ’cause this one’s all I’ll ever need. Would recommend.

Available at The Detox Market, $35 (CAD)

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