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Are 90s Butterfly Clips Making a Comeback?

For some it’s nostalgic, bringing up old memories of their youth. For others, it’s a new experience. It cannot be denied, fashion styles from decades past are becoming trendy again. Although, only select styles are being reborn. Not all retro hair accessories out of the Claire’s sale bins are being brought back, such as the fluffy pink scrunchy. It’s the more timeless 90s butterfly clips that have made a return.

Butterfly clips takes us back to a more humble time, before balayage hair color was all the rage. We have seen an increase in popularity in recent years, but why?

What Are Butterfly Clips?

A butterfly clip is a small hair accessory, often packaged in different color schemes to fit a wide range of preference and style. They are small and versatile, easily taken anywhere and wore with any outfit to show your personality.

There’s two forms of the butterfly clip. The first being another name for the common Claw Clip or Jaw style hair clip. But, the second type, and popular 90s trend setter was, and is shaped like a butterfly. Hence, the name butterfly hair clip!

90s butterfly clips

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Why Are Butterfly Clips Still a Trend?

After several decades the butterfly clip is still a trendy hair accessory for many reasons. They provide playfulness and a touch of personality on boring hair days. While no hairstyle has the need for a dozen butterfly clips – sad fact, it was very common in the 90s to do so – a few can make a significant impact.

90s butterfly clips

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What Hairstyles Use Butterfly Clips?

The great thing about a butterfly clip is the versatality. They can be used in just about any hairstyle to add personality and pazazz. Some of the popular 1990s hairstyles included:

  • Twisted rows
  • Side twists
  • Space bun
  • Statement Face-Frame
  • Curly Strands
  • Half-up Pigtails
  • Down The Side
  • Low Buns
90s hairstyles

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Top Trending Butterfly Clips

Want to relive the 90s butterfly clip scene? Maybe you have a child you want to create those nostalgic memories with? Below are some of the best trending butterfly clip sets.

Bright Color Butterfly Clip Sets

Many locations sell bright color butterfly clips, or neon butterfly clip sets. These are more playful compared to the neutral colors (black, white, grey) that are also common. Pop a couple of these in and bring attention to your hair! Could be to grab attention for a good hair day, or as a playful accessory for a little one.

urban outfitters hair clip

Source: Urban Outfitters

Urban Renewal Vintage Amber Butterfly Clip Set

urban outfitters butterfly clips

Source: Urban Outfitters

Sold by Urban Outfitters, this butterfly clip set provides a very vintage feel to any outfit or hairstyle. They come in a pack of 12. Wear a few, stash a few at home, put a couple in the car for emergencies. Best of all, they are marketed as original vintage, and sold in their original form for the 100% authentic feel!

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