#WhatIMissWearing: Summer Edition

In this edition of #WhatIMissWearing, Social Media Coordinator Alison Asrula reveals some of her favourite summer items that she can’t wait to rock again!

Item #1: Denim Shorts

“Just like the perfect pair of jeans, a staple pair of shorts is essential for your summer wardrobe. Finding one that compliments all the desired areas is easy at Garage.”

Item #2: Crop Tops

“Match your favourite pants with a cute crop top and your outfit is complete. Achieve an effortless look, while being put together- instantly!”

Item #3: Rompers

“One of the best kept secrets for the summer! A successful hack for lazy girls looking to still be presentably gorgeous. Just one slip on, and your look is pretty much complete! Pair with your go-to sunglasses and sandals- Voila! you are ready to take on the day”

Item #4: Sunglasses

“An accessory that can elevate all your fits for the summer: don’t be shy to utilize expressive shades to get a POP of COLOUR too!”

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