#WhatIMissWearing: Office Edition - STYLE Canada


In this edition of #WhatIMissWearing, Digital Editor Anastasia Barbuzzi tells you the stories behind some of her favourite workwear items that she can’t wait to put on outside the house again. 

Item #1: Vintage Danier Suede Skirt 

“I found this fuchsia… magenta… raspberry-coloured skirt during one of my first visits to Siberia Vintage in Toronto. It was in perfect condition and I’m absolutely obsessed with this colour. I really wasn’t planning on buying anything that day, but you know when you see something on a rack or a mannequin that looks like it’ll fit just right? This was one of those ‘things’. When I tried it on, I couldn’t resist. I knew I’d regret not scooping it up that day, so, voilà! Can’t wait to pair this with my Husband Shirt and wear both to a meeting.”

Item #2: Vintage Ralph Lauren Blazer

“This Ralph Lauren blazer was another Toronto vintage shop find. The structured shoulders and gold enamel buttons gave off the chicest 80s vibes to me, and I just had to have it. At the time, I was searching for office attire anyway, so it felt like the perfect fit. And luckily for me, it was the perfect amount of oversized too.”

Item #3: Kitschy Pattern Booties

“I was visiting a friend in Chicago who has a shoe fetish, so it was only appropriate that shoe shopping was on the itinerary. We ended up on the Magnificent Mile somewhere and we spent a lot of time inside this one store, mostly because I couldn’t decide between a pair of silky, floral-patterned booties and this 70s-inspired pair. The bright oranges, reds and sparkly gold flecks reminded me of a bohemian magic carpet. I ended up walking out with both pairs. They became even more special to me when an editor I truly admired in my days at FASHION Magazine complimented them. I love pairing them with baggy jeans.”

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