#TrendingInCanada: Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are super versatile. They can be worn as a casual piece or dressed up to create a trendy and in-style outfit. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing graphic tees! You can have a t-shit with images, words, or even both! Graphic tees don’t have to be the commonly thought, bold and busy designs that many associate with the shirt- they can be as simple or as colourful as you want. Graphic tees can be found at just about any clothing store! How are you styling graphic tees this season? Show us on Instagram by using the hashtags #TrendingInCanada ! Below are some Canadian fashionistas and how they’re rocking their graphics tees:

1. The Cutest Date Night Outfit 

@_jacquelinealyssa via Instagram

2. Accessorized to Perfection

@barkhaapatel via Instagram

3. Ready for a Stroll Around Town!

@asburke via Instagram

4. A Whole Vibe

@alishalaurette via Instagram

5. Cute and Casual!

@caroleannebilodeau via Instagram

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